Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Day 244, on which John takes a good hack at Apple's iPod range [1.9.10]

Dag to hundrede fireogfyrre. With coincidence being what it is, I seem to have a lot to blog about on exactly the same day as I've got to waste my energy writing my monthly letter. Coincidence has also lent a helping hand and I managed to, finally, get my furniture-building hands on two Series 2 collectible minifigures! With it being the last day of the holidays, WHSmith (stationary store) was a total shitfight, and some stupid kid took all but two of the packets before I could get there. So I took the two, and now happy John is happy. The policeman (meh) and the singer (yeah). Not bad.

Before we get onto the monthly letter, which it seems only I understand - and even I don't get everything I said last month, we've got a small Apple topic to cover. 'Cause, it seems, every time Apple release a new product, I cover it on this blog. So why not this time too?

We'll start with an update to the iPod Touch, though yet again it's minimal and certainly not aesthetic. There's a camera - two in fact - and FaceTime, so you can pretend your iPod Touch is an iPhone 4. Because, due to some problems in Apple's product range, that's pretty much what it is. If you can't afford an iPhone 4/think it's too square (cough me cough)/can't pay the contract, you'll buy an iPod Touch. That's just how it goes. Unfortunately Apple's product range has mutated so much that they need a serious rethink.

But it has a camera, so big woop. Because everything needs a camera now. Not that you'll use it or anything, just so people will see the lens in the back and ask "is that a camera?" and you can answer "fucking right that's a camera. It's in my iPod Touch." and they can be impressed for a second then move on. Big woop.

They've also updated the iPod Shuffle, but they're crap and don't have cameras so no one really gives a shit about them. Also, I can't believe how silly the photos of them clipped onto people's clothes look. It really looks odd. Like you've clipped a clothes peg to your shirt. I thought gadgets with clips went out with bags strapped to belts and fanny packs. But they look like sweeties, so that makes up for the silliness you endure when wearing them.

And now we see the retarded baby of Apple's mutated product line; the new iPod Nano. Seriously, Steve? What the heck is this? It's not an iPod Nano, it's an iPod Shuffle with a screen. What I don't get is why people would buy a Shuffle knowing they can buy something that looks the same and is still cheap, but has a screen and an FM radio. There's a big similarity between the two, one we've never had before in the iPod range. They've sliced off the bottom of the old Nano.

Oh, for the record, I own and use the previous Nano model. So that's why I'm so angry. Because I love my thin Nano, and I think it's crazy how Apple have taken a step back and removed the camera. 'Cause I like my camera, as pointless as it is. It's useful for that whole "Oh em gee camera" routine I mentioned above.

OK, now onto the monthly letter. Story goes like this; I write a letter to myself at the start of each month to keep some sort of regularity on this blog. In the letters, I talk to my past self and also my future self, by ±1 month. Last letter is here. This month's letter:

Dear me,

Aloha you, over there in Portugal! Luckily I'm not in Portugal now, I escaped that blazing hot desert and I'm back in drizzly London, though with a few more memories. It's funny how, every night, I write this blog, in exactly the same position. Slumped in my chair, my computer on my desk in front of me, with ANR playing its usual (ie. one of the seven songs that make up the entirety of their playlist) in my headphones and, a new addition: #tehlaegoez chat going on behind the Safari window. Today it's been rough, we had some noobs coming in and impersonating Dano. I almost believed them, then I saw their IPs and knew it wasn't Dano. But it scared me how close I came to believe it was.

Ha! I seem to be pitying myself in August's letter. Pitying my July self for being in school, Well, here I am, with what will feel like the longest term of school yet, starting tomorrow. Yeesh. Yeeshy yeeshy yeesh.

Quickly onto my responses from last month. Do that June thing again? I could, I guess, but I'm so confused about it at the moment. And the worst thing is, there's no one to blame it on. It's just my decision to make. Though I also need to make a decision to clean out my keyboard, it's filthy. The shelving unit will be made, I'm working on a noticeboard before that. Start small and all that. As for a footstool, I have no immediate need for it so that's out the window for now. And finally, the play in January. Well, my co-director has dropped out of that, so everything's up in the air at the moment. I need to decide, though. Soon. Now, perhaps.

So, what are my questions for next month? How's Year 11 holding up? How's life? How's that goddamn Neo Futuron scene coming along? It only needs one Pick-a-Brick order, you know that. Just some more 2x2 tiles and you're done. Also, you should make progress on JCiii. And the new Brickspace design. And get something sorted for your birthday, you've got to do something big this time.

Other than that, time's your own.



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