Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Day 243, on which John describes the new Brickspace in more detail [31.8.10]

Dag to hundrede treogfyrre. Happy tuesday to you all! I managed to get little/no sleep last night, and yet I'm hyperactive this evening! I'm also sipping coke from a little cup and pretending I'm Cary Grant with spirit of some sort. I watched part of an old Cary Grant film today, that's why I mentioned him. Well, I mean, I watched a Cary Grant film today. They're all old. But he's so funny. He got wet paint on his shirt in this film, oh gasp! Cary, you schmexy beast! Gettin' all wet like that! Mee-ow!

OK, weird Cary Grant ramblings over, let's get to the meat of this post:

It's all handily stuffed in this meat-themed suitcase. Meat in a meat-themed suitcase. Clichéd, perhaps, but delicious. Bacon, maybe. Let's find out.

Here, ladies and gentlemen, is your first look at the new Brickspace! I uploaded it to Flickr simply for its comic value (making up placeholder text is fun), but I now realise it's good to get some feedback on the design. This screenshot shows the comments section on an article (à la Brickspace Opinions), which is above with the boring placeholder text. Notice the colour scheme: you can see the yellow colour (I'm still preserving yellow of Brickspace no matter what), black and the two shades of grey. The lighter shade will need to be made darker because it won't show up on some screens. That's a job for later on.

Notice also the beautiful use of Helvetica Neue, and the kind of alright use of Chaparral Pro. As I said, it's going to have to be switched when I get to HTML5, but until then it's just going to sit there and look pretty. I only use Helvetica Neue in bold for this, because Chaparral can deal with the thin, body text and it helps restrict my Helvetica use and give the serif font a bit more airtime. If I had chosen to use a normal weight of Helvetica, then I'd barely ever use Chaparral, and I can't have a whole site in Helvetica because it's going to be embedded in HTML5 anyway.

I've already received feedback from Lord of the Dance Dano (wait, wut?) that I need to change the 'sez' to 'said' or 'says', so it's more formal. Which is a shame, because I quite liked to give the site a bit of informality, like Flickr. But I think 'sez' is a bit too nooby. Any other comments on this design? Please comment below! I need to find a better way of showing a comment reply, and also include a 'reply' button on other comments (tee hee hee, I forgot that)...


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Stickman said...

Looks nice! 'Sez' just looks stupid though, the Lord is right. Is there any way to hide the comments? Otherwise the page will go on for ever. I must admit, the font looks great. And you know I don't care about that.