Monday, 30 August 2010

Day 242, on which John gets back to Storybuilder [30.8.10]

Dag to hundrede toogfyrre. OK, the domain name has now settled in for two days, but it's not quite ready yet. The gods that are Google say that it may take up to four days for the new address to link to this site from all references, so I guess I'm halfway there. In other news, I've been very busy building and being productive, so wahoo.

I've still been working on Brickspace; I now have three pages of the site mocked up in Illustrator, and all to size with all the details and notes. Currently that's the homepage (very important), the Opinions homepage (also important), and the page for one article in the Opinions section (kinda important). I'm keeping a very strict graphics scheme, with only two colours, a grey, and black and white. There's also two main fonts: Helvetica Neue Bold for the headers and titles (which will hopefully be embedded in HTML5), and a nice-looking serif font for the body text. At the moment I have it on Chapparal Pro, but that will have to be changed before I convert the pages into HTML. Times, perhaps? It looks so boring, though...

OK, moving on to other productive things I've done today, we have my third contribution to the Group 2 in the Storybuilder Flickr group. Quick summary: five people each take it in turns to write a few paragraphs and make a MOC to illustrate part of a story. The story carries on with the builders on a cycle. I am the first builder in Group 2, and we got stuck with the theme of Cyberpunk (which I twisted a bit).

The story so far goes a little like this. Basically, there's this guy working on an Octan oil rig, under the eye of the computer NATE who does everything and the guy just watches. Then the guy finds a way to escape, and is rescued by some coast guard people who then take him to land where he eventually makes his way to some rebels' hideout. There, they tell him that NATE is evil and Octan are too, and that they must disable NATE to stop Octan dominating the oil market or the world or whatever. Anyways, they send him to an Octan recruitment centre, with a new ID and everyfink, and then he joins Octan again.

Unfortunately, they capture him and tell him that they've been tracking him ever since he left the oil rig because he has a chip in the back of his neck. Some evil guy from Octan has a console which can make the chip give our protagonist an electric shock. The evil guy then says that the main guy will be driving a massive ship, the Dreadnought, to destroy NATE. Basically, to make things even more complicated, NATE is good and it's stopping Octan from being evil, so in fact the guy should trust NATE but he didn't. Anywho, the ceiling collapses for no fucking reason, and the evil guy is squished. So our heroic protagonist runs off, grabs a powersuit and proceeds to burn the entire Octan complex down, so that they can't destroy NATE, 'cause NATE is our friend now.

And that's when we get to my chapter, which can be found here:

My chapter basically says as follows: our main guy has lost the powersuit but destroyed the Dreadnought. The complex is burning and falling down, and the guy is just about to escape but then he feels a pain in the back of his neck. Out of the flames emerges a man with a console, who then says "You seriously thought you'd get away?". DUN DUN DUNNNN!!


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