Sunday, 29 August 2010

Day 241, on which John talks Brickspace [29.8.10]

Dag to hundrede énogfyrre. I have happy news to announce; JOHNSPACE now has its own domain name! "At last!" I hear you shout, and be reassured I'm shouting that too - it's a momentous occasion! Let it be known that Day 241 was the day that JOHNSPACE finally crawled out of its previous reincarnations, dropped the URL and has finally become! Sadly was already taken, but I kinda prefer It makes the blog seem more friendly, more inviting - like 'hey, we can only afford a .org address, we're just an organisation, not a big corporation'. That was the reason why Brickspace is, too.

Speaking of Brickspace, I've got some stuff to chat to you about. Well, to be honest I'm just chatting to myself about it, but you're there to listen if you like. Basically, Brickspace is going to undergo some quite large changes in the next four months or so. I'm hoping to get the entire revamp finished by the new year, when I can finish this 365 project and focus my attention equally on either blog.

The biggest change that you'll see in Brickspace is the change of content: we're removing the News and Tips&Tricks posts because they take too much effort to keep posting. We're leaving them to other blogs, and in doing so making Brickspace more specialised. The main reason why we're having this revamp is because Brickspace can't cover everything, and since we don't want to only blog one genre of MOCs we're going to get rid of some of the types of content that we currently blog.

So, with News and Tips&Tricks going out, and with Interviews being debated over, we're leaving the blog just three simple types of content: creations, Brickfilms (which there'll be much more focus on) and 'Opinions', which will be when Brickspace Opinions merges with the main site. You'll have to wait around to see quite how that's going to work. Tee hee.

So, for the first time, I can say this is John of, saying goodnight.


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