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Day 240, on which John shows off the best Danish songs [28.8.10]

Dag to hundrede og fyrre. Apologies for the missed post yesterday, guys. Unfortunately, I do actually have a life sometimes, so parties that I attend inadvertantly mean me missing a blog post from time to time. I'll try and stop it happening, but when I arrived home early this morning, it's kinda pointless to write yesterday's post. So sorry again, and let's not hope it happens again. Well, let's hope I get invited to more parties, just not miss more posts.

OK, so here's the thing. At the party last night, I somehow got into talking to someone about Danish music. Nevermind how, I was happy enough to be talking about Denmark, let alone Danish music. OK, so maybe I brought the subject up. But anyways, the people I was talking to were all 'Danish music isn't good', and I was all 'yeah it is'. So, as conclusive proof that Danepop > every other type of music, I figured I'd lay out a playlist of the best Danish songs I know.

First up is everyone's favourite Danish talent show-winning singer, Sys Bjerre, with her song Alle Min Veninder. OK, it's a silly music video, so just don't watch the video; listen to the music. Most Danish people hate it because the lyrics are awful and cheesy, and so I won't tell you what they mean. You just enjoy the song.

Next up is silly Søren and his nephew Nikolaj, who make up either half of Hej Matematik, and here's an acoustic version of their song Legendebørn. It's nice and soft and lilt-y, and whilst it's not as good as the normal version, it's very close and it's better to watch for Søren's awful 'tache, which looks like he has some moss-like growth above his mouth. Heh.

Whilst we're on the topic of Hej Matematik, here's their biggest hit, Party i Provinsen, which I thought was Swedish for a long time as it was played on ANR. Luckily it's not, it's quite a good club-song and it's got a hilarious video. Remember all those epic faces of Søren's? They're all in this video. Watch watch watch.

No playlist of Danish music would be complete without my favourite song, Lidt i Fem by every Danish girl's heart-throb, Rasmus Seebach. He looks alright on the album cover of his cleverly-title album 'Rasmus Seebach', but in this video you see that you shouldn't trust a singer by his album cover. Anyways, video aside it's a great song. His best. His only decent one, in fact. The rest are all slow and boring, but that's what pulls the Danish girls I guess.

Up next in John's star-studded Danemix is the annoyingly catchy tune by Burhan G, Jeg vil ha' dig for mig selv. In other words, 'I will have you for my self'. It's a bit rappy, but I couldn't ever get it out of my head. It became my Danish anthem for a long time, and it was a great coincidence that it was the first song I heard playing on the radio of the taxi I got in to go from Copenhagen airport to my hotel when I first arrived in Denmark. That gives it more meaning to me that whatever crappy lyrics Burhan G put in.

You didn't think I'd forgotten this track, did you? Of course not. It's Nephew with their anthem for the 2010 World Cup, The Danish Way to Rock. Intended to spark patriotism in all the Danish football team (landsholdet), this song sadly didn't work that well, and Denmark lost the World Cup. But I liked this song, anyway. Good for Nephew, helping Denmark's footy spirit.

And finally, for those of you who are into people like Kate Nash, I have another song here from Sys Bjerre. It's called Malene, and it was her first big hit back in 2008 after she won X-Faktor. It's not bad, actually, and whilst it's not my type of song, it's Sys Bjerre's other type of music and it may be better than Alle Min Veninder for some people. Sys Bjerre is either all cute and ditsy, as in Alle Min Veninder, but she also has a rough side, and you see that in her songs like Pik (which literally translates to 'cock', guh), and this music video. But anyways, here it is. You choose for yourself.

That's pretty much my playlist as of now, folks. I'd show you more Hej Matematik songs but I wanted to have a range, so there you go. Enjoy, and I hope I've shown you that Danish music is good!


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Lt. de Martinet said...

Most of these aren't my type of music, but I genuinely like that last one. Apart from the language, her voice sounds a lot like Regina Spektor's.

-Ryan H.