Thursday, 26 August 2010

Day 238, on which John chats about Wallpaper* Magazine again [26.8.10]

Dag to hundrede otteogtredive. Well, here we are again. Another meh day. But anyways, we have a hopefully-interesting post about magazines today to discuss. I'm not totally sure about it, since I haven't written it yet, but let's hope it's going well. It's scary to think that there's only a week left of my holiday; it's five down and one to go but it still feels like it'll only take a second, and then I'll be doing schoolwork again. Ah well.

So, magazines. One thing I really need to work out - because I'd like to try a magazine project someday - is what magazines are really for. It seems that there's too large a variety of magazines, so much so that the definition of a magazine is lost.

We'll start with my current favourite magazine, Wallpaper*. Wallpaper* is a magazine for design, fashion, art and lifestyle, so it combines everything I'd need a magazine for. But what is Wallpaper's purpose? (I'm giving up on the asterisk) It is, I guess, like every type of media, to entertain. It entertains me to read it and see the design and fashion. It's a pass-time, something to do. And the best thing about magazines is that they're there for you at any time. So perhaps a magazine is a form of entertainment that is portable, a resource that you can dip into whenever you like for instant enjoyment and knowledge?

Another good thing about magazines is that, unlike many other forms of media, they appeal to your touch sense as well as your sight and your mind. Reading a magazine is a very tactile experience, as I think was best shown by Wallpaper's recent Wallpaper Handmade issue, where six different types of paper were used to give a wide variation of textures to the different sections of the issue. Half of the fun of creating a magazine should lie in bending the format: a magazine is set out like a book, with pages and a spine, but magazines for me are places where that format can be manipulated and experimented with.

So it looks like I'll need a bit more research before I'm ready to try that magazine project of mine. The magazine format seems like an interesting playground for paper art with folds and the interaction of elements on a page with the page itself.


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