Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Day 237, on which John something something something [25.8.10]

Dag to hundrede syveogtredive. So, what's new? Meh, not much. Did a bit o' this, a bit o' that, finished off the day with some graphics stuff. So not particularly interesting, to be honest. But I did make some little smilies, which we'll get onto in a sec. For the record, today's post title is meant to be 'something something something', it's called a joke, or  a witty thingy. For the 'lulz'.

OK, smilies. Everyone has a smilie set on their chat software, be it AIM, Skype, MSN or a chat room. Even Facebook has its own specialised smilie set, though it isn't particularly good. So perhaps we need a universal set of smilies, ones which actually mean what you want them to mean, ones which don't change the simple emotion of ':D'. ':D', or ':)' are so simple in their meaning that changing them for the sake of a good-looking graphic. The Facebook smilies in particular are very shitty.

So our first smilie of the JOHNSMILIES collection is the classic smiling face, or ':)'. I've decided to use the Futura font to create the basic forms of the smilies, and I've tried to adapt the characters (a colon, or bracket, or capital D) in only the most needy cases.

So, værsgo, here's your classic smilie. All the facial features are on guides (using Fireworks CS3 for these), so it's easy to change the details yet keep the same placement on the face. The face outline needs to be a bit thicker, as these will be shown small like this:

Then we have the ':P' face, where the guy is sticking his tongue out. This was hard to do because I had to keep the thickness of the lines in the P appropriate for the face (ie. the same thickness as the bracket in ':)') whilst still keeping it large on the face (the only way I can make the lines thinner is by making the entire P smaller, I ain't editing the vectors of Futura, that's blasphemy).

Then we have the winking face ';)' and the unsure face ':\', which both feature mouths at angles. The mouth is at an angle on the winking face because it seemed much better to show the face from a seemily top-right-down perspective due to the winking eye graphic (the bottom of a Futura semicolon, of course).

Moving swiftly on, we encounter the happy face, ':D' and the O-face, ':O'. The problem with Futura's Os is that the capital O is completely geometric and circular, but its line is too thin (which is strange, because it's got a massive counter to make up for). The lower-case O is too classically proportioned, and has lines thicker on the sides than on the top and bottom. That way, it looks odd when rotated or even on its own. So I decided on the upper-case O for this smilie.

Next up is the angry face, or '>:)', which uses a greater-than sign as the eyebrows. The problem with applying it to a graphic is that it needs to be smaller, but still maintain its stroke width. So anyways, here's the best I can do. I'll probably change it sometime.

And finally, we have what I call the 'Dano emoticon', ie. the emoticon that you use after seeing something which can't be unseen, something which burns your eyes so deep that you know you've lost ever ounce of your innocence. Basically, stuff Dano links to. Here, the lowercase Os are used as eyes because the difference in thickness is not as noticeable, and the mouth is an underscore.


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