Sunday, 22 August 2010

Day 234, on which John finally shows his holiday snaps [22.8.10]

Dag to hundrede fireogtredive. Oh dear, it's the end of the week. Usually when it's the holiday, I haven't a care in the world. Unfortunately, with two weeks left to go, the things to do are packing up. I kinda wish I could stay here on Sunday afternoon forever, to soak up the week and forget about the future. We all hope to forget about the future, yet it keeps throwing itself at us. Is there such thing as a future if it will eventually become the present?

OK, holiday snaps these are not. As you know, I try a little harder than 'holiday snaps' in my photos, especially those taken with John Juniour, my 20-year-old Canon A-1 film camera. Go check out more 35mm pics on my photography-devoted Flickr stream, John too. It's a second photostream I set up a few weeks ago to be a parallel to my current stream, but less popular of course.

Our first photo is of the tree in the back garden of the villa I was staying in, in the Algarve, Portugal. We'll doubtless get onto the Denmark flicks tomorrow, but for now it's Portugal. The problem with Portugal (apart from the heat and the stupid language) is that it's hard to place a mood for it. I take photos to capture a mood, so that meant taking decent photos of Portugal would be hard.
Part of the reason Portugal didn't have much mood was because it was all tourist-land, where there are advertisements and - funnily enough - tourists everywhere. So I had to resort to taking photos of trees, which I don't do too badly. So next up to try was the architecture...

This is the classic architecture that you'll find in tourist towns, this one's Carvoeiro. Sure, it's purty, and it's nice and white, but it's not particularly interesting. I'd appreciate bland and white architecture if it were modern, but this is faux-Moorish. And it's good to show the very bright nature of Carvoeiro, but otherwise it's pretty useless.

However, there was one place in Portugal that I loved.

Say olá to Monchique, a small mountain town in the Algarve. Well, it was all the in the Algarve, but you know what I mean. It had all these little backstreets, alleyways, and various dilapidated buildings, all set on a hillside, overlooking the countryside. It would have been boring if it was like Carvoeiro, but it wasn't. It was run down, with flaking buildings and abandoned, overgrown gardens everywhere. It was great.

This shop looked almost Googie-esque in its retroness. Mmm, retro.
Your classic run-down buildings shot. I'll have to reupload this after I P'shop out the dust and scratches
Now this house was run-down. With a bent fence in the foreground.

One thing I saw a lot of in the Algarve was renault R4s. It became almost like a motif of the holiday, seeing how many R4s were in each Portugeuse town we visited. When I saw this one in Monchique, I couldn't resist taking a photo of it. Low-angle. Not sure about the concrete wall at the bottom, but that was just how it was. Renault R4s are awesome, by the way.

Tomorrow: John's photos from Denmark! Until then, find more photos at John too.

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