Saturday, 21 August 2010

Day 233, on which John says some stuff about notice boards... oh, just read on [21.8.10]

Dag to hundrede treogtredive. Yay, I got my film back today! Developed by my local photo shop! And not too bad, either. There's an annoying line on many of the negatives, and I'm pretty sure it's from their developer. I can always take it out with Photoshop, but then that requires effort. Who knows, next they might just start writing on my negatives! Heh, nonetheless I think I've got some good shots. A lot of the photos look similar because they're all film-y. They have the same colour tone, and the same mood. Which is annoying, because the whole reason I take photos is to capture a certain mood.

OK, onto notice boards. I'm designing one for my bedroom, so I guess I'd better start working out what it's going to be like and what I will use it for. Yeah, I don't just buy them from the shop!

What's a notice board for, primarily? Bear in mind I'll be using a cork board as the basis, with drawing pins. So I'm attaching things to the board with drawing pins, and they'll be hanging from the pins. So doesn't that mean we'll be wasting cork space underneath these things? They'll be hanging over other things. That's both a waste of space and you can't see half the stuff on the board.

Solution: make the board in a horizontal strip shape. That way, no space below is wasted and it's almost like a coat rack. Perhaps you could even have it buy the door so you don't forget important documents on the way out. It's a shame that pins take time to take out of the document, and put back in the board. And they're pointy, which is a safety hazard. Even still, strips of cork board (with decoration, border, other stuff) might be a good idea. However, the space I have to work with is taller than it is wide, so that is out of the question.

Here's a classic notice board design. The main problem I have with this is that there's a border. Sure, it looks nice around this collection of photos, clippings and colour swatches, but with a messy board it is wasted. You don't want to frame your mess of documents, clippings and scraps of paper. They're not a pretty picture, they're a functional part of the room. So, whilst they should look nice, let's get this away from a photoframe. Firstly, the frame (if there is one) should be flush with the cork, otherwise it bends papers that overlap the edges. Secondly, there should be some sort of system to catch papers if they fall. This happens often, and you only need a little lip to catch them. Maybe an indent or a little channel between a jutting-out frame and the board.

Well, this seems like a topic which will carry on to another day. Until then, bye!

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