Thursday, 19 August 2010

Day 231, on which John briefly mentions style [19.8.10]

Dag to hundrede énogtredive. Welcome to day 231, a normal Thursday in year something-or-other of John's happy life. What did John do today? Well, he went out. Not something he does often in the holidays, but he did it anyway. Where he went, what he did and who was there is a totally different matter and you can politely not mention that. Then he rounded off the day by talking about himself in third person.

Oh, third person talking aside, I photographed a bunch of minifigs when I got back. I'm taking part in Zeessi's minifig challenge (one a day for 10 days), but post-apoc instead of Star Wars. Whilst I have quite a collection of Star Wars minifigs, I'm over it and I'd like to stay over. ie. not jump back over the 'over' fence and get interested in Star Wars again. I buy some sets for the minifigs, but they're shitty sets and the movies took over the first ten years of my life so let's not give them any more.

So, style. Let's say I passed some shops when I was out today. Just hypothetically, of course. So I hypothetically passed these shops. I also noticed the clothes in these shops (they were clothes shops). Hypothetically. And I started thinking about style and fashion and what-not (this wasn't hypothetically or else this post will be hypothetical and it will get confusing). Not something I'm usually interested in, but I have a clear opinion on style.

Does anything ever go out of fashion? In terms of clothes? Well, I don't think so. Maybe, for a bit, but it will always come back into fashion. Whilst I don't think that we're stuck in a loop of all the same types of clothes/patterns/etc going in and out of fashion, I think we have a natural affinity for old styles which can bring old-fashioned styles back into the limelight.

This poor lad has been made to wear 'stylish braces'. That's why he's so sad.
One day, someone at a big fashion brand looks at some tapes from the 1970s and thinks 'you know what, those braces (on shirts) look really cool. Maybe we could reinvent them'. And thus, braces are slowly coming back. Firstly because they're 'retro', but then they become commonplace in fashionable clothing (pftt what would I know about that pfft). And, a few months/a year later, people don't think of them as old any more. Of course, they don't exist quite the same as they did before, but they are generally what they used to be. With modern styles applied, of course.

Another example is when floral patterns came back, for wallpapers and clothes. Here I have a distinct opinion: one of hate, and disgust. On wallpapers floral patterns bring a sense of nostalgia and intricacy, but after a while I just think 'couldn't you have something simpler that doesn't distract me from what's in your room?'. That's actually my argument against any sort of patterned wallpaper, so maybe I'm not the one to ask. As for floral patterns in clothes, I'm indifferent.

And so the floral patterns of the 1960s are back with us. However, with all these old styles coming back into fashion, is there any room for new styles to emerge? Is there even such thing as a 'new' style, or will they all be simply combinations or adaptations of old styles? I'd like to think that there are new styles, but we simply can't predict it because, if we knew there was going to be a new style, we'd put it into action and it would be a current style.

So next time I hypothetically pass a shop, I'll hope for something new. Retro is great, but sometimes it's good to have something so modern, it's simply that. Not retro, not old-school, not an adaption of something from the 1970s, but something new. And, for god's sake, let's have some simple clothing. No more floral mess, no more intricate checked patterns and meaningless T-shirt designs. It's about time we had some simple fashion, something bold. Hypothetically, of course.



Karrde said...

braces need to be accompanied by a bow tie, and you know... Not be bright red.

John said...

Oh yeah, I totally forgot that the Doc wears them! >_<