Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Day 230, on which John explains the Ishøj House's backstory [18.8.10]

Dag to hundrede og tredive. OK, we're back on track now. Missed out the post on Monday, speed-typed yesterday's post, but today we're back to usually. Quick survey: who here's watched the Ridley Scott drama Matchstick Men? It's a very, very good film. Such a shame it has an 'iffy' ending. I say iffy here because there's no other way to describe it. Sure, it wraps up all the loose ends and it's a happy ending and all, but there's something unsatisfying about it. Like it would be a good ending - but we don't want Matchstick Men to end so sedately. It's very similar to Duplicity in terms of ending. Huh, I guess you win some and you lose some, Ridley. The imagery and cinematography is spotless, though.

Ah, the Ishøj House. 23 comments and 30 favourites on Flickr in little over a day. My most popular Flickr photo yet, though Flickr doesn't think so 'cause it's only got 500 views. 50 favourites across my photostream yesterday, would you believe it? I won't get popularity like this again. I strongly doubt I can pull something so unique and well-built as the Ishøj (iss-hoi) House again, sadly.

Here's the backstory. The Ishøj House is very ironic in my MOC-building timeline. I've had project I've been working on for months, but they look like they'll never get finished. Firstly, the third JOHN Collection catalogue, which admittedly will get finished at some point, but I don't currently have the inspiration to barf out a whole scene (and I need three more before my half is done). Then there's my Neo-Futuron project, which I fear I've lost interest in totally. That screwed up because instead of building the next stage in the story, I built the stage after that. So either that sits around until I can get the next stage done, or I switch the order. To tell the truth, I haven't actually finished the stage I said I have 'built'. Darn.

Which is why it's ironic that I managed to create this beauty (don't mean to blow my own horn or anything, but I love it) in two days flat. I had the idea the night before, after seeing Zack's interior and still filled with memories of Denmark, I jotted down TGI (the general idea) in my Moleskine and the next day it became a reality.

The windows
The windows on the sides of the house have been complimented all round. However, I have a confession to make. The one on the far side (right on this pic) was the original, and was only included because I ran out of grey bricks! It's funny how a 'space-filler' can become an integral part of the design. The other window was included to make the wall less plain, which may not be needed as much on the far wall but it's good to have some extra light let into the house.

The bottom pic shows the alternating windows, which were inspired by the windows on the top floor of the theatre building in Copenhagen:

Purty, ain't it?
Similarly, some of the angles on the house are inspired by another Copenhagen landmark, the royal library (Det Kongelige Bibliotek) and its recent addition, the Black Diamond building:

The original library is the brown building on the far-left
So the Ishøj House is very much a Danish building, which is how I like it. It is designed for Denmark, after all!

If I can find someone to lend me space, I'd love to take it to the Brickish STEAM exhibition in October (or something like it)... but until then, I'm thinking of a library or two-story house in the same style. Hmmm...



Matn said...

I've seen Matchstick Men, it's indeed a very good film (and I always like Nicolas Cage). The twist near the ending was indeed a bit unsatisfying as the whole feeling changes, but it's actually well though out. But still weird. :p

And I'd love to see a Ishøj library!

Leigh Systems said...
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John said...

You're right, Matti - the ending was totally against the whole feeling of the film. Whilst it's OK at the end of Duplicity, which is a fast-paced witty film, I think I'd have liked something more thoughtful at the end of Matchstick Men. More about his OCD! :D