Sunday, 1 August 2010

Day 213, on which John reports back from Portugal [01.8.10]

Dag to hundrede og tretten. Well hey hey hey, JOHNSPACE readers! Call me obsessed, but I'm blogging from Portugal! Yup, not even international borders can stand up against my will to carry on the 365 project. Well, maybe they did yesterday (travelling is always a hassle, yeesh)... but no more! I'm back online, and ready to do the monthly letter for August.

In case you can't read the post title, I'm on holiday in Portugal. The Algarve, to be exact. Not my first choice of holiday location, but I'll get my way when I take a trip to my homeland Denmark next week.

Look, there's the hill next to where I'm staying. Nothing special, but I needed to prove that I'm actually here. I also wanted to see how quickly I could take a photo, upload it to this netbook, compress it and upload it. It didn't take that long, actually - unfortunately I had to printscreen-and-paste into Word to compress it, but it's a challenge anyways.

Now, as much as I'd like to blab on about my holiday, and how I wish you were here, and how I wish I wasn't, we've got stuff to do! As you know, at the start of each month I write myself a letter replying to the letter I wrote the month before, and asking questions to myself in one month's time. Here's last month's letter, now onto this month's...

Olá! (Portugeuse for hello)

I'm not in London, funnily enough! Whilst I thought I would (ps. past tense of to think should be 'thunk'), I didn't know the dates of my holiday and so here I am, proving myself wrong. Not London but the Algarve.

I'm so sorry for you, past self, having to live through school. Also the fact that you're stuck in the past sucks pretty bad. So, sorry, but since we're continuing this line of coversation about how many free days I have - I have five more weeks! Woo! Yay!

Ah yes, that Neo-Futuron project. Those blue sails. That BrickLink order. I'm still doing that (though obviously not at the moment), I need to wait for a Pick a Brick Online order to come through, or whatever I find at Legoland Billund next week. To my future self: finish that Neo-Futuron MOC! It's only a tiny part of the entire project anyway, and don't use the "I don't have enough white tiles" excuse again, I know you too well.

So quickly onto my responses from last month. I'm still working on JCiii, and that chair (which looks more like a footstool and a shelving unit at the moment). Making the film doesn't seem like it's going to happen this holiday - it's too late to get everyone together to film it. Maybe in the Christmas holiday, yeah - I'd prefer that because it's colder and I prefer the cold. So that thing that I did in June and that I wanted to do again? Doesn't look set to happen again. Things have gone all confused. Ah well.

OK, so my questions for next month? Hmm, the 1st September - the start of the new school year. I hope you're ready, mate; there's lots of exams ahead of you. Good luck with them. Try and do that June thing again, maybe. Make that chair/footstool/shelving unit! Get that new style that you've been hoping to implement. Something trendy, sleek, and Scandinavian. And, the final challenge of the quickly growing pile: you're hopefully co-directing a play in January, so get a move on working out what it'll be about! Gah!

But until then, you enjoy London and I'll [try to] enjoy Portugal.
Lots o' love,

See you guys tomorrow!

ps. I really hope I find someone to talk to in this damn country... my family are great, but this year I'd like to find a friend as well. Pref. someone Danish, but don't wanna be picky. Very slim chances of that, though, ha ha!

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