Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Day 228, on which John makes an awesome house [16.8.10]

Dag to hundrede niogtyve. Sorry for the missed post yesterday, folks. My internet crashed and burned last night, but luckily it was just a temporary crashing and burning and it was up again this morning.  So it's not that dramatic, but it meant I missed a post! Gah! I much admit I'm more lenient with missing posts nowadays, after my holidays. I'm not sure whether it's a good thing, but it frees me up a bit. Hmm.

Moving swiftly on, I present to you my best MOC yet: the Ishøj townhouse, a modern one-bedroom house for the Copenhagen suburb of Ishøj!

The description from Flickr should explain most of it, I'm too tired tonight to offer a full explanation.

When I was in Denmark a week ago, I visited the Arken art gallery in a small suburb of Copenhagen called Ishøj. Ishøj was clearly in need of a revamp, and with such stunning ocean views and flat expanses of land, when I came home I was inspired to build a house for Ishøj.

The original intention with this was to have a larger building, but that would have required a BrickLink order and I, filled with inspiration, couldn't wait and went ahead and built it all anyway. It's nice a flat, so it doesn't ruin the view for other Ishøj houses, and it's got a fully furnished interior too. What's not to like?

When I originally had the idea, I wanted to build it in a subtle colour like sand blue or sand green. Perhaps even red, though I feared that would be too bright.

The next morning I began what I thought would be a 'prototype' of the shell in dark bley. I got so inspired that I built the entire thing in that colour. It was easier that way because it wouldn't have needed a BrickLink order. And in a way, it's subtle and simple. And concrete-y. It may have been different (and still as good, maybe better) in a colour, but that'll have to wait for another house.

More tomorrow, guys.


Matn said...

I think it looks perfect as it is. Again, great job!

Stickman said...

Awesome! Quite simple, but still really attractive.

John said...

Thanks, guys :)