Friday, 30 July 2010

Day 211, on which John discovers more epic faces than he could ever imagine [30.7.10]

Dag to hundrede og elleve. I've been feeling quite strange today. Perhaps it's because I'm leaving for a week tomorrow, so I'm trying to tie up all the loose ends I've left. The main reason why I had loose ends to begin with is because I was really busy at the start of the holidays, then I went crazy with buildings stuff. Now I need to finish these things off, or else I'll leave them for a week.

So, I finished my review of the Nightly News at Nine Chapter 1 DVD, which David M. Pickett so nicely sent me a copy of, and I've arranged to talk lots and lots with Zack to revamp Brickspace. All is good.

OK, now what's all this 'epic face' stuff about? OK, let me explain. The usual thang on the internet is a series of pictures that say: "EPIC FACE" "EPIC FACE" "EPIC FACE" "JIZZ. IN. MY. PANTS". These captions are written on or said over four photos of someone making really odd faces, usually clenching their teeth or other 'jizz in my pants' faces, and the final one is the most epic.

Now roll up, roll up, for this evening I have a series of epic faces made by a guy named Søren Rasted. Here's the lowdown: Søren is some old guy (40-60) who used to be in AlphaBeat, a famous Danish band. Now he's started up a small band called 'Hej Matematik' (Hello Mathematics) with his nephew Nikolaj Rasted (yeah, they're like that in Denmark).

In Hej Matematik's music videos, both Søren and Nikolaj wear black suits and seem pretty cool. However, Søren thinks he's the height of coolness and wears Converses. He thinks he's so cool that he can make stupid hand gestures that go along with the music, but in fact he looks like a total dick. I don't have anything against him, Hej Matematik's music is great, but Søren is actually hilarious to watch. See:

Before you see the funny gestures for yourself in real-time, here's a JOHNSPACE summary:

Plus two extras:

Shown here best in another music video of the Rasteds', Søren tries out his double-pointing-finger epic face. In other places it looks like he's doing the Fonz's "eeeeeeyyyyy!".

And, finally, Søren's hoeplessly deluded notion that being a plane will seem cool to the kids. Ah, Søren, you old kanoggle.


ps. OK, I'll see you in a week's time! I may be able to blog from Portugal, but I won't guarantee it. AU revoir!!


Matn said...

Have fun!

PhotoLover said...
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PhotoLover said...

Soren Rasted is member of Hej Matematik and also member of famous danish band Aqua... NOT Alpabeat. Oh and he's only 42 NOT 60...