Thursday, 29 July 2010

Day 210, on which John watches Inception! [29.7.10]

Dag to hundrede og ti. Woah, what a day it's been. Very, very busy, and I watched Inception too (more on that later). I also tried to update my Tumblr a bit, and failed. I really need to review my Tumblr situation - what am I going to use it for? I'm thinking of using it as a scrapbook, for photos or MOCs I like... however, it's hard to escape the Tumblogs that are all about love and great quotes and stuff.

Perhaps I should try a little bit of that? I don't think my constant mocking sarcasm would go down well with the Tumblr girls. Examples of the sort of stuff I'd say are: "Love is a second-hand emotion, much like the pain of getting lung cancer from passive smoking" and "No, I don't understand love. I sometimes misspell it as 'loev'.

So, Inception. Some have called this Christopher Nolan's Avatar, and whether it's in that league or not, it trumps Avatar big-time.

Let's start with the plot of Inception. This may seem like a big-budget blockbuster, but in terms of script it's anything but. The script is a maze of clever concepts, unique plotlines and vaguely interesting characters (with the one exception of DiCaprio's character). The ending, in particular, is stupendous. It all builds up, and up, and up- until you are following five separate scenes at the same time. And, if you're clever enough (ie. you possess the brainpower to do a simple Sudoku), then you'll understand it.

I spoke to one of my friends later who said he didn't understand it at all, but I understood it completely (even more so than Moon, which I am still understand bits of on my fifth viewing). I guess you just need to pay extra-special attention to this film. Eyes peeled.

So, with a fantabulous plot in one hand, is the other hand similarly awesome? If that hand is the cinematography and effects, then oh boy yes. The effects aren't flashy, but there's an awful lot of them and they're flawless. In particular, the scene in the corridor (see pic above), which features dynamic gravity changes, and zero-G. There's also a sequence featuring Leo DiCaprio and Ellen Paige in between two mirrors, with the infinite-mirror effect achieved perfectly. No cameraman, no rough edges, nothing. Flawless. Perfect.

Oh, and a side note: there's an infinite staircase in it! Wooh! Y'know, the staircase that is always going up (or always going down)? The one in the Escher artwork? Well, that pops up twice in the film. So, yay for paradoxes.

The final sequence of the film is a killer. Literally, it left me speechless for several minutes. I just wanted to sit there and scream "GAAAAHH!!" - it's a cliffhanger, much like the ending of The Italian Job but much more slick and cliffhanger-y.

So, there we go. Inception. I don't think it's quite knocked Moon out of its place as my favourite film, but it's certainly up there.



Anonymous said...

Good film, solid work from Nolan - I wouldn't tar it with the same brush as Avatar to be honest. The ending was sickeningly brilliant, the best bit for me was the 'paradox!' fight on the staircase.

John said...

OMG yeah that paradoxical staircase was amazing! Now I realise what you were talking about on Facebook.

And, for the record, it wasn't me who compared Inception to Avatar, another film blog mentioned that this was Nolan's greatest work, his pièce de résistence, much like Avatar was James Cameron's.