Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Day 208, on which John gets back to building [27.7.10]

Dag to hundrede og otte. Believe it or not, I'm back to normal. Back to being productive - which is my normal. I've had an amazing day of building today. I had to build my entry to Storybuilder (a MOCtag-like continuous story between several builders), but that led me to finish off some other MOCs and do some other little ones, which I was really happy about. In particular, I made a little post-apoc minifig and photographed it Zeessi-style. Stay tuned for that.

So, quickly onto my Storybuilder entry. This second one is much, much better than my first one, as I had more time to prepare and it was one of my scenes, not just a vignette. With my scenes, I can be much more creative and get out my lighting skills, hee hee!

So, here you go, Storybuilder Group 2 Chapter 6:

I never thought I'd be saying this, but I'm going back to Octan. Goddammit. The mysterious man in the warehouse had orchestrated my escape from the Rig, so I guess I owe him something. But going back to Octan? Back to NATE? Back, possibly, to the Rig? I don't owe him that much.
NATALIE had arranged a whole new identity for me; what Octan are doing to find their missing oil rig worker we don't know, but I need to be hidden. I've got some crazy new name (for a computer, NATALIE has a strange sense of 'humour'), new clothes to help me blend in, and an agenda to get back into Octan.
So, here I am. A couple of blocks up from the warehouse district, still in the slums of the city, and shining brightly from underneath an apartment block I see an Octan recruitment centre. I try to forget the last time I was in one of those, sitting down next to a recruitment advisor amidst the calm, reassuring atmosphere and being reeled into Octan like a fish on a wire. The moment you walk into the recruitment centre - if you're weak, as most people are when they turn to Octan - you're working for them.
And now I'm going back. With fake qualifications as well - some I've never heard of - to get me a job in the Octan Headquarters. My instructions from the mysterious man? Get a job, get into the Headquarters, receive more directions, take down NATE.
Here goes...

And with that, nighty-night!


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