Monday, 26 July 2010

Day 207, on which John suddenly realises how much he's changed in the past year [26.7.10]

Dag to hundrede og syve. Woah, what a day it's been. I haven't even done anything but I feel so tired at the moment. I seem to be complaining about my being tired a lot recently; I can't help it! It's not just the tiredness of everyday teenage life (which is tiring, believe you me), it's catching up on the last three weeks of manic doingstuffness.

I don't think I was constantly tired like this last year. It's actually crazy to think how different I was last year; how much I've changed since then. I've mentioned before how people I know have changed massively in a year - from rediscovering them on Facebook - but it was only today that I saw how much I myself had changed.

For example, from my Flickr photostream I can that on this day last year (26th July 2009), I posted the above graphic and explained how I went to see Moon in the Curzon cinema in London the night before. Funnily enough, I just rewatched Moon today.

I have changed a lot since then. Both in how I am and my social life and also in my skills and style. This time last year I am quite pleased to know that I was already rocking my current quiff-like haircut, and not my stupid lanky fringe. However, I was very different in how I acted. It's not something that's necessarily noticeable, but I have changed a lot in that aspect since last year. I like to think I'm a lot cooler; in any case I'm a bit cooler.

I have also changed a lot in what skills I have. Looking back at my MOCs of July last year, we can see stuff like my Multivac van, which I look back on now with contempt. I have concentrated more on building and less on blogging over the past year, as I think is mainly evident by how I was at STEAM. I remember clearly that I seemed like a bit of a silly young blogger at STEAM last year (early october) - Everyone seemed to refer to me as 'the guy from Brickspace', no one had heard of me and I was not a very good builder. I said a lot of stupid stuff there, too. But what's happened since then? Well, most importantly, the JOHN Collection. That's put me on the map. I'm not terribly popular, but at least I'm known for something; there at least I have some identity. Plus, I've kept my profile pic the same since then. A bit of brand consistency never hurt anyone.

But here's the clincher - will I talk about myself in the same way in a year's time? Perhaps I will. Probably. I feel so sure of myself now that I can't really consider myself looking at the current me with as much disdain as I look at my past self now.

I guess we'll have to wait and see.


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Anonymous said...

you have definitely improved as a builder