Monday, 19 July 2010

Day 200, on which John celebrates! [19.7.10]

Dag to hundrede. Woah, we've reached 200! What a feat! What amazement! Gasp! Oh may gawd! OK, we'll talk more about that later. Now onto my day, which to be honest was pretty crappy. So, it wasn't really the best that Day 200 could have been. I guess we can't have everything, right? What makes it worse is that I've been pretty grumpy this evening, so this post won't be as good as it could be.

So, yay! I guess I can finally celebrate! It doesn't seem as momentous as Day 100, because I've managed 100 days before - but I'm still pretty proud of myself. Also, I had to skip five days last week and so it's not a full 200-day run. So boo hoo. 195 days, at least. I guess I can be safe in saying that if I could have blogged on those days, I would, but I couldn't.

Onto our quick thanks.

Firstly, to all my readers (whose number has dwindled annoyingly as of late): Zack, wherever you are; Harry, though you should really update your blog more often; Tim, you know who you are; and of course Matti!

To Blogger, for still putting up with me.

To Flickr, for being really awesome even though their redesign turned out to be quite cold and not as friendly as they've been in the past.

To Denmark, for continuing to be the awesome place it is. Only three more weeks until I get to finally go there! I can't wait!

To my internet, for putting up with my excessive surfing (for the most part), but I'm still pissed with you about this slow connection tonight.

To my stupidity, which has dragged me into many a hole over the past 100 days. How I wish I hadn't made those mistakes, but we just keep moving forward - no time to turn around and see the past.

And finally, to my brain, for continuing to churn out all those MOCs, graphics, blog posts and all that other shit too. I owe you a lot, big guy. Where would I be without you?

Unlike Day 100, I sadly don't have a coke with me. I'm trying not to have so many fizzy drinks at the moment, mainly because I'm paranoid about my diet like that. But still, it's a momentous occasion. Grats to me and all you reader folk.

My decision is to carry on until Day 300, then I'll rethink whether I want to carry on or not when I get there. Brickspace isn't doing too badly, but I still think I can salvage it over the summer whilst blogging every day here on JOHNSPACE.

One last thing: the next 20-day challenge is to have one clear, interesting topic each day. No exceptions. Sometimes I slip out of the format, but I need to stay in it if I want more hits here. So one big topic each day; examples include design, art, philosophy, fashion, sociology, science...

So, one last skål (Danish 'cheers') for all of you guys, here's to another 100 days!



Anonymous said...

\o/ well done man for keeping it up

p.s. pffff, 3 posts a month is enough

Matn said...

Congratulations and keep going! :D