Saturday, 17 July 2010

Day 198, on which John returns to this blog, after oh so long [17.7.10]

Dag hundrede otteoghalvfems. Ah, I'm so glad to be back. Back to this blog, back to my computer, back home. It's been too long. Well, it's been five days, which isn't really all that long, but it feels like it's been a long time. So I'm playing some ANR to get me back into my usual routine.

So where did I go? Well, I went on a very tiring school trip to a town called Portsmouth in the south of England. Yeah, I live in England. You should know that by now, pfft! Do I have to do everything around here? I guess so. Anyways, this trip was packed full of things to do and places to go, and people to see.

I really enjoyed it. No, not the whole no-blogging part, but I enjoyed the trip itself. Lots of fun. Plus, I didn't get homesick. I am notorious for getting homesick, apart from one time when I went to Belgium and got so caught up in the culture and language that I forgot about home.

Unfortunately, Portsmouth was not a chance to hear a different language, or see a different culture and different design/architecture styles. However, I did manage to use it as a chance to get some research for MOCs or designs. I brought my camera - strangely enough not for the purpose of taking artistic photos - and snapped any interesting things I saw. Portsmouth is a port, and I found some great tugs and ships and harbours which I recorded. I'm hoping to translate them into Lego sometime soon, or just keep the photos for inspiration later on. I really love harbour areas, the whole container ship idea, with cranes and dry docks and what-not. There's a sort of griminess to it which is a look I find intruiging.

So, school trip over, it's back to normal blogging from now on. And only two days left until the dreaded 200!


ps. Ooh, I got home to find a parcel from a Brickfilmer, containing a DVD of his films he had offered me to review on Brickspace. I haven't watched it yet (partly because I don't want to take it out of the very professional-looking wrapping), but it looks great and it was very kind of the Brickfilmer to send it to me. Plus, it has a quote from me on the back! Woot!

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