Sunday, 11 July 2010

Day 192, on which John shows off his new photos [11.7.10]

Dag hundrede tooghalvfems. Well, here we are. Sunday. The end of the week. And what a week it's been - the busiest of the year so far for me. I think I'm over it now; I've recovered. And just in time for a five-day school trip, as well. So this is farewell until friday, sorry guys.

OK, onto what we're all here for. The best pics from my first ever two rolls of 35mm film. Most of the photos were good, to be honest, but I don't want to clog up my Flickr so here are just some of them. The first roll was very grainy, but I managed to get some awesome 'Caiti Anne flare' on this shot:

Roll 1 Photo 33. © John 2010
Secondly, my roll of colour Fujifilm. Firstly, there's this rather nice shot of a branch of a tree from the countryside:
Roll 2, Photo 15. © John 2010
I really love experimenting with depth of focus: the camera is now set permanently on ƒ2.8 for some really short DoF shots. Oh, by the way, the above photo is what the Flickr photographers would call 'sooc': Straight Out Of Camera.

Roll 2, Photo 30. © John 2010
More DoF love...

Roll 2, Photo 32. © John 2010
Another good DoF one from the countryside. Once again, manual focus failed me and the bit I wanted to be in focus was slightly out. Really annoying. But it's not as if it had an autofocus option!

Well, that's all from me for the next five days. Au revior!


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