Saturday, 10 July 2010

Day 191, on which John scans in some film, yay [10.7.10]

Dag hundrede énoghalvfems. Yay, saturday. I woke up today really grumpy, but the catching-up-on-a-week's-worth-of-sleep hangover has slowly faded throughout the day. Unfortunately, the heat hasn't. It's just annoying now, meaning every time I move one leg I'm covered in sweat (exaggeration, by the way). You can't do anything, you just have to sit inside your house and moan about the heat. Which is precisely what I'm doing now. A Brit, moaning about the weather. Typical.

I got home this afternoon and, since my parents had said 'no going to that party' on the grounds of my busy week, I figured I'd do something productive. Yesterday I received my first two rolls of 35mm film from the crappy photo store which is the only place left on the highstreet which processes film. Here's the trick: don't get them to print them out for you, just get them to give you the negatives. Then scan them in yourself:

So here's my setup. Computer (not mine, needed a PC) on the left, scanner on the right, film in the middle. Note the instruction manual, because I didn't want to mess with my film (I usually don't use manuals, at all). There's also that rocket thing, for blowing dust and shit out of the film. It doesn't work all that well, as you'll see later. There's also the magnifying thing, which is useless without a lightbox but looks cool nonetheless. Oh, and there's that Fanta can. Ignore that.

I must say I've got two great rolls: one is from an old black and white Ilford roll, which was three years out of date (yeah, film has a sell-by date, 'cause celluloid goes off), and the other is a brand spankin' new Fujifilm colour roll. The Ilford photos have a really great feel to them, and the black-and-white looks wonderful. Some of the photos from the second roll look kinda digital-like, but some of them are really good. It seems film does have the 'magic touch'.

Fujifilm aside, I've gotta get me some more of that Ilford stuff. Mmmm.


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