Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Day 187, on which John finds his memory quite persistent [6.7.10]

Dag hundrede syveoghalvtreds. Two days into this week, and things are already becoming complicated. I've taken the 'wise' decision to help out with the next school play. Whilst I enjoy it, and I'm pretty much running the lighting this time, it is a lot of work and it means I need to come into school in the evenings for the rest of the week. Ah well. Just three more days then it's the weekend again.

OK, onto art (I can almost hear Tim groaning from here). And yes, it's surrealism night on JOHNSPACE! (more groans). And who better to look at than Salvador Dalí, the Catalan artist and sculptor.

You'll no doubt recognise this surrealist piece: The Persistence of Memory by Señor Dalí. Fun fact: in real life it's only slightly bigger than a piece of A4 paper. So, shall we get started on this stupendous piece of surrealism?

The key element here is time. You can see that by the clear symbolism of the clocks - but they're melting. Is time melting away? Perhaps it's dying, ticking towards an end. The clocks are 'floppy' - do they bend and change to suit us? The creature in the centre is meant to represent a man (Dalí's surrealism is the height of surreal) - so time is bending to change us. Time is only relative; it's only how it fits around us. It fits differently on that branch that on that 'man'.

But what about the rocks in the background? That's a horizon, that is. Horizons meant endlessness, they go on forever yet they are a finite border. A finite border whose length is infinite. Perhaps this relates to time as well - that time goes on forever, but it's just a line?

What about the closed watch in the bottom-left corner? It's got ants all over it, eww. Well, Wikipedia duly informs me that, in Dalí's art, ants are either a symbol of death or female genitalia. I'm going to take them for death, that's simpler. Death is closely related to time - even that monster looks dead. With time, comes death. The death of time, maybe?

Dalí confuses me. In a good way.


ps. It's Mondriaan, not Mondrian. Hmph
pps. Song of the day!

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