Monday, 5 July 2010

Day 186, on which John mentions that Timofeev guy again [5.7.10]

Dag hundrede femoghalvtreds. I've just realised it's only 15 days until Day 200 - I'm still unsure as to whether I should carry on or not. On one hand, I'd feel that I have accomplished something big, and I can compile all my favourite quotes somewhere, publish it or something (heh heh). On the other hand, stopping this post-a-day thing will really free me up and allow me to blog on Brickspace more, and all my blog posts will be of higher quality. It's either me being devoted to something for a year, or being free to blog elsewhere regularly. It's a tough call.

Oh, quick piece o' news: I got my first sale on Zazzle! Wahoo! You may remember that I started putting my T-Shirt designs up on Zazzle a few weeks ago, but now I've had my first sale, for my Mudkips tee! Yay! Check out my store here! F'yeah, £1.46! I'm rich already!

Om nom nomofeev
So, who's this unexpecting burger-eating guy? Well, he's a genius - and, coincidentally, an artist. You may remember him. He's my top artist, Viktor Timofeev. Born in 1984 in Latvia, Timofeev now lives in New York. Typical.

OK, onto some of his art: he's a genius at drawing in perspective. He often draws surrealist landscapes in isometric or oblique perspective, with patterned walls. He fiddled around with skips for a while:

And, some of my favourite work of his, he experimented with floor plans of buildings, such as those you see in the TATE Modern booklet, or when designing house layout. This is some of his best work:
'Blue vs Black', © Viktor Timofeev

And, to top it all off, my favourite piece of his, ever ever ever:

'Lanschaft Land' © Viktor Timofeev.
Be sure to check out his website.


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