Friday, 2 July 2010

Day 183, on which John realises he missed yesterday's letter [2.7.10]

Dag hundrede treoghalvtreds. Damn, damn and damn again, I missed the monthly letter yesterday. Ah well, I would have been too tired to write something good anyway, I suppose it's better that I've left it 'til today. But it means my first post about art in the current 20-day challenge will have to wait yet another day. Jeez.

So, here's the sitch. At the start of every month, I write a letter to myself. Part to myself in the past, and part to myself in the future. It goes both ways. It allows me to take a subjective look on how I change from month to month, and to keep on top of what my aims are. Anyways, here's last month's letter (you can find the rest on the Crap Filter).

Dear Me/Ich/Jeg/Moi,

Buonjiorno from London! Well, you're in London now (hopefully), so I guess you can say the same. Huh, that makes my point kinda dull.

Unfortunately, past self, I don't have a weekend of any length longer than two days. You may have a wonderful half-term, and at the start of may you had a three-day weekend, but I've got a busy week next week so there's no extra days off for me. Ah well, the term ends in two and a half weeks anyway, I guess I just have to wait.

I'm actually not listening to anything at the moment. I got a nice shiny new BrickLink order today, I've been filtering those into my collection. I managed to get hold of some big trans-dark-blue sails, so hopefully they'll be good for my Neo-Futuron project. Remember to do that this month.

So, my responses from last month. I don't think I've been a dick this month - I understand why I said that last month, but I think I've succeeded in not being a dick. So I can tick that one off the list *tick*. I also did that thing I've been telling myself to do, kinda. Didn't go exactly as planned, but ah well ho hum. I haven't yet used the word 'pare', but I will try to. Let me just remind myself of what it means.

OK, so what are my questions for next month? Hmmm, 1st August... I guess you'd be in the Summer holidays, congrats. I'm sure these next few weeks will be the hardest of the year, but once I get through them I'm clear and free for another six weeks. So enjoy the summer, future me. Finish off a few more JCiii sections, and the Neo-Futuron thing. Make that film. Make that chair. Don't give up on this blog. Do that thing I did this month, but again.

Until then - don't you go losing limbs now!


OK, time for Zs.


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