Sunday, 27 June 2010

Day 178, on which John discovers the DANISH WAY TO ROCK [27.6.10]

Dag hundrede otteoghalvfjerds. Hey hey hey, everybody! I don't think we could say that today is a great day to be patriotic, because England got thrashed by Germany. But anyways, I don't care about football, and I support Denmark, so I've got over losing by now. Other than that, quite a slow day today. For every good thing, there's always a bad thing. Perhaps I should discuss my viewpoint on that. Yeah, another day. I only have two posts left after this, so the other one will have to be that one about love. Dangit, I don't want to write that, but it's a philosophical topic so I have to.

You should all hopefully know by now that I'm really into Danepop, Denmark's crazy brand of pop and rock music. When I first heard the song 'The Danish Way to Rock' on ANR, I thought it was some old song brought out for something new (which ANR is always in need of). Then I looked it up and discovered it was Denmark's motivational World Cup theme tune.

Sung by the Danish band Nephew, and starring the equally ugly Danish football team, this video is the most patriotic thing I've ever seen Denmark do. It's also very, very awesome. Notice the lion symbol at the start, which I think is their football team's logo. There's also some awkward shots with the football team, and I love how the only lines the football team ('landsholdet', 'the team') sing are 'Daaaaannnnnmmmmaaaarrrkkk' and equally dull words in the background. Nonetheless, this video is actually really well made, and it's a good song.

It's a shame we lost, really. Kinda puts a dampener on the motivational power of the video.



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