Saturday, 26 June 2010

Day 177, on which John has a good, good day [26.6.10]

Dag hundrede syveoghalvfjerds. Today was a good day. A really good day. Drama in the morning, wandering round town with friends in the afternoon, and Flickr in the evening. All my favourite things, in one day-sized package. Unfortunately, it means I'm just as tired as yesterday. So much for that.

Ooh, before we carry on, just a reminder that the Crap Filter was updated today with 15 more days' worth of topics. Not much, but it's a change anyway. Hopefully I'll update it more tomorrow.

So, the World Cup. You know that when I start talking about football, something is afoot. And what's afoot? Well, it's an appendage on your lower limbs, you fuckwits! Har de har har har.

What I love about the current World Cup is how it's been so memorable. Usually the World Cups pass by and the only way to define one from another is what games were played and who won. This World Cup is a little different, because it's got so much culture in it. The South African culture is seeping round the world in the form of bright colours and vuvuzelas, and I love it. This World Cup has style, setting and an annoying sound which will be ringing in everyone's ears for years to come.

Plus, it's brought attention to South Africa. Usually South Africa is known to attract attention with apartheid, its polygamous president Zuma and Desmond Tutu. But in this World Cup, there's been more focus on the culture of South Africa - a south african comedian was on the panel show Mock the Week just recently, with a vuvuzela of course.

So, let's all celebrate the good side of South Africa - the colours, the diversity and of course those bloody vuvuzelas! BZZZZZZZZZZZ!


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