Friday, 25 June 2010

Day 176, on which John has end-of-week-itis [25.6.10]

Dag hundrede seksoghalvfjerds. Usually I'd be happy that it's the end of the week, but to tell you the truth I am totally out of it in terms of tiredness. After my final exam on Thursday, I wanted the term to end (it all led up to that; that was the last damn exam), but sadly it hasn't ended and the follow-up was today. It wasn't too bad; it's just that the mustiness and the heat and the nearly-weekend-ness is getting to me. I call it end-of-week-itis. Now I can sleep, or at least when I've finished blogging here.

So, who's heard of Horse Boy here? No? No one? Well, here's the lowdown on this weird dude...

Horse boy famously appears on Google StreetView, in a street in Aberdeen, Scotland. He's seen on a quiet suburban road wearing a horse mask and a purple jumper (which doesn't do very well to cover up his beer gut). He can be seen from all the way down the road, simply staring straight forward. No one knows much about him, but he's been seen in other places too, specifically music festivals.

I remember him from an old Demotivational poster, which shows a man wearing a horse mask drinking gasoline from a fuel pipe. I think it was labelled 'Horse - man - petrol' or something like that. He's also appeared in lots of other photos that can be found around the intrwebz.

So who is horse boy? My best guess is that it's more than just one man. Horse boy has been seen in Aberdeen, Germany, Glastonbury and even Norway, so this must be some group of horse-headed people. But where can the group go from here? We can only wait to find out...


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