Monday, 21 June 2010

Day 172, on which John wonders whether he should return to a philosophy topic, but decides against it [21.6.10]

Dag hundrede tooghalvfjerds. OK, I know I really should do another philosophy post as that's the current 20-day challenge, but I'm really not in the mood tonight. Luckily, the discussion on love can be put off until a later date. I have a few more topics to get through until I can reach that 'honour'. Yeesh, that is going to be one awkward post - but I feel like I need to write it at some point. So there.

Okey dokey, avid followers of my photostream (ie. none of you) will have noticed that I posted a new MOC up there yesterday. It's part of the new StoryBuilder group, which is like MOCtag, but better managed and, hopefully, it won't die after I contribute to it. There are currently three groups of four people each, and I'm the moderator of Group 2. Our theme was Cyberpunk, and here's my first part:

Antarctica, Earth. 2085
" I'm not sure exactly what day I discovered it. When you're on the oil rig, days kinda get mixed up and you lose track. It also doesn't help when you're the only man on a fully computer-operated oil rig.

So what am I doing there? I know you're thinking that. Well, I'm the double-checker. They say that back at the start of the century, people used do most of the work - not so now. The central computer, NATE, does all the work and I just sit at a board of dials in front of it, making sure it hasn't got anything wrong. But it never does get anything wrong - it just keeps staring at me with that large red 'eye', getting every single calculation correct. We've never had a problem in the whole ten years I've been on the rig.

So that was me - trapped on an oil rig with NATE glaring at me and the mobile helper bot (I call him the beetle) zipping around the place and being of no use - for ten years. They say that even Octan is primarily managed by computers. Figures.

Let's just say I was going stir crazy. My immediate reaction was that I was going insane when the wall panel moved that day. I pushed it, and it moved again. Curious to see what was up, I locked the beetle out on the balcony and dragged the dial board in front of NATE. I'm not sure whether it can see me or not - it's never talked or responded - but it helped me to think that I was on my own.

After some pushing, the panel came free. I crawled into the gap... "

Whilst the Cyberpunk genre got twisted a bit (damn my Moon inspiration), I still think I did alright, considering I made this yesterday in a bit of a hurry. Plus, it's a vignette, and I don't do vignettes much. So wooh.


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