Sunday, 20 June 2010

Day 171, on which John makes some T-shirts [20.6.10]

Dag hundrede énoghalvfjerds. Hey hey hey, guys! Guess who just had a day of revision? Yup, yours truly! And guess who found it dull? You're right again - it's-a me! However, I did get some stuff done, as you'll see later on. Also, I watched The Informant!, a Steven Soderbergh film set in 1950s office culture. Can I just advise you not to watch it - because, even with the Soderbergh's brilliant stylings and a thoroughly fitting elevator-music-style soundtrack, the film is fundamentally boring! I'm sure Soderbergh is trying to say something ironic, but it should at least be interesting. Shame, really.

So, T-shirts! (Please remind me to stop capitalising the S in 'T-shirts', it's bugging me how I keep doing it). As you know, I made some T-shirt designs a few days ago, and I've been adding to them every now and again since.

So I ditched CaféPress, as you know, and found a much better site, Zazzle. Zazzle is much easier to use, and plus you can create one store for all your designs (whereas CaféPress needed one store per design), and allows more customisation of your store design.

I hereby announce John Tees, of Zazzle, open! Woo! Whilst I doubt people will buy my designs (custom T-shirts are very expensive, and my designs aren't that good), it's good to have them in a place where people can't steal them, because they're up for sale if people want to buy them.

One of my faves of the four that are currently available on John Tees, Ego. It was fun experimenting with colour, italics and size, when they are the only three variables you have at hand. And yes, I am still in love with Helvetica. Just discovered Helvetica Neue Condensed, as you can see!


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