Thursday, 17 June 2010

Day 168, on which John gestures to the full plate in front of him [17.6.10]

Dag hundrede otteogtres. Hold on until later for the meaning of the title. Until then, something about my life. What happened? Well, I spent half of today's school time editing a video for the new students coming in September. Was good to get Games off, and to have some editing practice too. Fun, too, in the whole 'we're-editing-don't-distrub-complicated-creative-stuffs-in-progress' way. Heh.

So, the title? Well, as the metaphor goes, I've got a lot on my plate at the moment. Hence, in this post I am letting you know that I have exams and various other thingamyhoops which may get in the way of a good post. In fact, they just have. So, to say sorry, I present you with a photo uploaded to my Flickr:

Whilst it's not my best photography, it is just showing that, though my plate is full to the brim, I'm slowly working on new things. By which I mean; I have lots of MOC projects that need to be completed and I don't have time to finish them soon. Well, I'll have to build the StoryBuilder vignette soon, but everything else will have to wait.

For your curiosity (careful of that, it killed my cat), this photo is from a shoot of these little chairs my Granddad made for me and my sisters way back. They were originally bold, primary colours but sadly time has aged them and they're more subtle tones now. I was meant to take a quick photo for my new Technology project, but that spiralled into a photoshoot and I got some good pics out of it. Hopefully this will find its way onto JOHNSPACE Photos soon enough.


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