Friday, 11 June 2010

Day 162, on which John wants to write about fate but didn't prepare enough [11.6.10]

Dag hundrede toogtres. Sorry folks, short post today. I got home late from a something-or-other and, since my evening was shortened quite a lot, I didn't have a chance to prepare a little diagram for what I hoped would be the second part of the fate topic. Ah well, hopefully I'll have a chance to do it tomorrow - providing I have time in between revision and having a life, heh heh.

So to conclude today's super-short post, I figured I'd provide you with a series of bullet points to help you catch up on topics which I haven't talked much about recently:

  • My Moleskine, who has not been named Florian because it's a shitty name, is slowly being filled up. Basically, lots of sketches of furniture or designs or general ideas I've had. No colour; I hate colouring in, so it's all in black pen and pencil shading. I'm hoping that regular sketches will improve my 3D drawing and tone too...
  • I bet you're thinking about that film I was making with Brickspace co-founder Luke. Well, we haven't given up - not quite yet. We've been having a bit of a dispute over some parts of the script, but we are hoping to show the script round to other people and get their opinion. Then we'll be filming in the summer holidays.
  • I need a new computer. My current MacBook Pro - about four years old now - is dying and/or I need a way to clean the keyboard, it's filthy
  • Googlemail is prompting me to change to Gmail. Nevar!
  • Safari 5 is mind-numbingly similar to Safari 4. Boo!
OK, that's all from me. We'll get back onto fate tomorrow.


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