Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Day 159, on which John, recently scolded for his wrongness about the iPhone 4, takes a second look at it [8.6.10]

Dag hundrede nioghalvfjerds. Before I analyse the new iPhone, I think you'd better check out this awesome Danish song. Called 'Alle min Veninder' (all my girlfriends), it's so much better than the title. By Sys Bjerre, one of the best (and certainly the most ginger) Danish singer out there. I bought a whole bunch of her songs on iTunes a month or so ago, and sadly this isn't available in the UK yet. Ah well, there's always YouTube.

Pic courtesy of Apple.com

So here it is. What all the buzz is about. The iPhone 4.

What's the story about me being scolded? Well, back when Gizmodo found a prototype iPhone 4 in a bar, I got really angry and objected against it. Quite rightly, I said it looked nothing like the other iPhones so it must either be a really early prototype or a decoy sent by Apple. As you can see above, I was wrong. It may have seemed like a passing comment on this blog, but I plastered my hatred of the Gizmodo 'iPhone' all over Facebook and I'm paying for it now.

So, starting afresh, this design isn't all that bad. Sure, it's not the sleek, curved lines we've come to know Apple for, but it's not just a regular phone either. It may be pushing it on the LG-ness scale, but it's a small price to pay for the small price you need to pay to get one of these beauties. £170 for a 16GB version, according to the WWDC Keynote (BBC Technology news says it's £137, woah). Maybe we can swallow our Apple fan pride and appreciate it for the price, and its great features. There's a better resolution display, video chatting, and two cameras. You may say "video chat? I can do that on Facebook!", but you can do it using both the iPhone 4's cameras, anywhere, anytime, and over WiFi too.

Don't hold me to this, as I'm sure contract prices are going to be massive, but I really would like to buy one of these. I'm really struggling with my current phone, as I suck at the whole numpad typing thing, and I keep deleting my texts while I'm writing them. With a computer, I'm skilled, but with my crappy Samsung phone, I'm a mess.

Plus, buying an iPhone 4 would mean I have a good reason to switch to Vodafone, which would mean more coverage and better phone choices than my current network. Let's meet back here in six months and we'll see how I feel about buying the iPhone 4.

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Luke said...

How could you mislead us! As a JOHNSPACE reader I'm really disappointed :(
You should be ashamed.

John said...

NO U, Luke