Friday, 4 June 2010

Day 155, on which John watches Charlie Kaufman films [4.6.10]

Dag hundrede femoghalvfjerds. We'll get onto the films later, but first, the news. Some stuff happened. Not much. I did stuff. Didn't go anywhere, was too busy doing the stuff I just mentioned. This stuff included watching the two Charlie Kaufman films, and working on my portfolio. Because, for some reason, I need my portfolio finished. Pronto.

As you know, I watched the start of Synecdoche, New York a few days ago. I finished off watching it today, and I must say that I, like pretty much everyone else that has watched it, am quite affected. It's a very moving film, which can be depressing and sadistic at times, and gets very slow and confusing near the end. I won't explain the plot right now, as I'm moving on...

So here is the second Charlie Kaufman film, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. What do I think of this? MUCH better than Synecdoche - much more accessible to the average viewer, and doesn't require so much thought. Not that thinking about a film is bad, because trust me, Synecdoche is a great film to talk about or just mull over when you're bored. So many philosophical concepts and characters and metaphors to consider, so if you're into deciphering a film after watching it, watch Synecdoche.

However, if you're more into sci-fi, then Eternal Sunshine is right down your street. Based solely on the concept of a company that can erase memories, the film intertwines the stories of two people who use the 'procedure' (Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet) along with the lives of the company's employees. Without spoiling the intricate, clever plot, the basic idea is that Carrey is having Winslet erased from his memory, and we follow him into his mind as he tries to save her from the procedure's effects, realising - all too late - that he doesn't want to forget such a large part of his life. There's some great lighting and SFX in the Carrey's-mind sequences, which are surreal like Synecdoche but much more exciting. So do I urge you to watch it? Yeah, if you've got a tolerance for surreal aspects and some slow sequences at the start. No, if you can't stand metaphorical films. And finally, yes whether you like Jim Carrey or not - usually I find his acting annoying, but he's alright in this.


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