Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Day 153, on which John loses a shoe [2.6.10]

Dag hundrede tooghalvfjerds. Yeah, that's right, I lost a shoe. Don't know where it went, I just put it out and when I came back I had one. Some sort of thief, or rodent. Anyways, aside from that slight low point, I had an awesome day. It was made more awesomer by the fact I could show off several hours' hard work last evening in the form of my birthday 'present' to Zack 'NewRight' Milenius...

To explain what I intended by this photo, I'm afraid I'll have to copy-and-paste from the Flickr photo description:

After hearing drilling and hammering sounds all through the night, Zack 'NewRight' awakes on his birthday to find John has built a pool in his house - and, as a result, has collapsed onto a sofa in fatigue.

At some point, the message of this birthday MOC got a bit muddled so what started out as "Happy birthday, I built you a pool 'cos you like swimming" became "Happy birthday, I got drunk and collapsed on your sofa. Plus, there's now a pool in your house".

Anyways, since it's NewRight's birthday I thought I ought to say thank you for all his help with Brickspace, and his readership of my blog. Since I (rightly) don't know where he lives, I couldn't spend the usually minimal effort involved in writing a card.

Hence, I thought I should try harder and make something big. There's a fish net on the ceiling, with fish and skeletons to symbolise the Pirate MOCs Zack always builds. Plus, I tried to design the house like a classic Brickfilm set, reminiscent of Nathan Wells, and Zack's Brickfilms.

Though the message may have got a bit lost, happy birthday anyway Zack!

I think that should explain it. Strangely, Zack hasn't commented on it yet - though I don't blame him, I try to stay off the computer on my birthday too (dang, don't remind me about my last birthday when everyone wrote "happy birthday!" on my Facebook wall and I never knew). So there we go, my attempt at saying thank you to Zack for all his help, and also wishing him a happy birthday too. Oh yeah, you may notice the sides of the pool are quite blurry - it's because I 'shopped two photos together; one of me (on sofa) in focus and one of Zack (at door) in focus. I wouldn't usually do this, but my camera's Macro function has a really short depth-of-field, and it worked well on the Neo-Futuron scene.

I'm off to catch some Zs!



Zack said...

Thanks John this is a fantastic present.

I'm so glad to be apart of this blog now. Now I have to try and match this present though. I need to know your birthday too when it comes Facebook!

John said...

No problem Zack, sorry it seemed so odd, in terms of the concept. I was running out of time so tried something crazy :D