Monday, 31 May 2010

Day 151, on which John... er... well he didn't really do much today [31.5.10]

Day hundrede énoghalvfjerds. As the title states, I didn't really do much today to talk about, particularly. Built another part of my Neo-Futuron project. Ran out of white tiles. Didn't quite have enough time to doodle in my Moleskine (still annoyingly named Florian until a better name comes to mind). I think I really need to phone some people, reply to texts etc. I just feel like I want to take a break, but half term is prime time for texting and phoning. Dilemma, probably.

So let's take a few paragraphs to talk about Portal, currently the only video game I play. Lags a bit on the Mac, but otherwise it's awesome. Awesome, and really hard. I'm stuck on Level 18 - the bit with the turrets and the revolving orb shooter. If anyone could help, I'd be grateful.

So, Portal. The idea: you have a portal gun, or an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (ASHPD). Shoot an orange portal over here, a blue portal over there and you can travel from here to there, or there to here, in an instant by walking through the portals. Throughout the levels you encounter obstacles, baddies, and aids whilst being monitored by the evil GLaDOS, a computer which runs Aperture Science Laboratories.

The logos above appear at the start of levels to tell you what's going to be in them: weighted storage cubes, falling weighted storage cubes, shooting orbs, orbs that need to be directed into orb holders, bad water, momentum, momentum again, turrets, poisonous water, and finally cake. Apparently the cake icon only appears at the start of the last level, level 19. I'm one level away. Grr.

So do I urge you to play Portal? Heck yes! It's full of mindbending physics, puzzles, mysteries surrounding GLaDOS and Aperture Science and of course, cake. Hopefully.



Matn said...

I just can't get past 15. :') I'm even not able to pass the beginning of 15. :p

John said...

What bit is that, Matn? Maybe I can help :D

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