Sunday, 30 May 2010

Day 150, on which John feels the Eurovision hangover [30.5.10]

Dag hundrede og halvtreds. Before we get into the article, let's first celebrate the 150th day of this blog! It's great to think that there's only fifty days (the same amount of time between the 100th day and today, for my memory's recognition) and Day 200. Once there, I will rethink whether I want to keep blogging for the next 165 days. At the moment, I would carry on, but I guess it's up to what I think on Day 200.

Eurovision hangover (n.) : After a night of watching Eurovision, waking up the next morning feeling dead on your feet and with several crappy Europop songs stuck in your head. All day. Grr.

I think it's safe to say I've ditched the current 20-day challenge. Meh, it was starting to get boring anyway. I think they should be more like guidelines, not "you have to post about a website" but rather "you could, if you like, it may bring you some inspiration".

So today I bring you my latest MOC, a crappy model of the Austin 7 Pearl:

Please note that I said crappy. I've never built an old-fashioned car before, so the wheel arches and sideboards were really hard to get right. I think I was right to choose old window parts, especially as I have that 3-wide window on the front. I tried doing a curved roof but it was just too high - well higher than 'too high', because it's quite high at the moment.

I couldn't fit windows at the back of the sides, so I called it a post van to explain the back end. It's got a bumpy wheel bit as well, which I'm quite happy with. It's not a spare wheel, or at least not one on the outside - I saw it in a pic on Google images and thought "I've got to include that". And, of course, the MOC includes a minifig hand. No creation of mine would be complete without one. Or two. Or five!

Bleaurgh, John out.


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