Saturday, 29 May 2010

Day 149, on which John watches Eurovision [29.5.10]

Dag hundrede niogfyrre. OK, quick post today. I'll explain why later. As the official first day of the half term, I think it's going great so far. Nice sleep in in the morning and staying up extra late for Eurovision in the evening. Not much else happened, really. Well, maybe some stuff did happen- oh yeah, I played Portal. Amazing game. Really, really good.

As you should know, this evening was Eurovision! For those Americans out there, Eurovision is a song competition when one act represents each country in Europe, and then the whole of Europe votes for their favourite. Like all Brits, I am very cynical about Eurovision - as, for the most part, it's full of crap and there's all that annoying block voting too.

So here I am, with the news that Lena from Germany won with her song Satellite just minutes ago, in Oslo. Did I vote! F'yeah! For Denmark, of course. The UK's song, from some guy called Josh, came LAST. LAST, really! So yeah, it looks like we failed this year. We failed hard. Denmark did pretty well though, coming fourth, so I'm proud of my one vote. But how the hell did Turkey get into the top five? That was some messed up shit with the robot and the chainsaw.

I've never watched the whole Eurovision programme all the way through before, so I'm really glad I did. Hopefully you'll all be tuning in with me next year when it's held in Germany!


ps. Spain's first performance was disrupted by a guy jumping onto the stage. Hilarious!

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