Friday, 28 May 2010

Day 148, on which John talks about online gaming, making use of his minimal knowledge of such topics. [28.5.10]

Dag hundrede og otteogfyrre. Before we get onto the topic of the day, let's get the day's topics over and done with. Well hey, it's finally half term! One week off school! I'd like to say "what could be better?", but there are two clear answers to that: two weeks off school, and six weeks off school. So let's move on. Today I had an art exam, one of those ones where you have a certain amount of time to do a project, under controlled conditions.

Quite fun, even if you were doing graphics like I was (ie. sitting at a computer all day moving Bézier nodes, whilst the 'fine art' students were getting messy with paint). Actually, in response to that parenthesis, I don't really like getting messy, so I guess I was better off doing graphics.

ps. before we go into the topic of the day, I heard a guy on the bus today say the best (or most interesting) thing behind me:  "jealousy is just a dirty form of compliment" . Considering the type of rubbish conversation that I usually hear on the bus, this is pretty good!

Today's topic is about online gaming, specifically Steam. Steam is an application and a website which offers gamers games downloadable off the internet. Just download the application on any computer, and you can access and download any games you've bought on your account. There are loads of games to choose from, and with special Steam-only offers too.

I just signed up for Steam today. I'd heard of it before, but then a friend mentioned that Valve's cult game Portal was available for Mac through Steam and I just had to buy it. £14 is a pretty good price considering it costs £20 on other sites, where you have to pay for postage, and even then it's only for Windows and only available for one computer.

But is this a good thing or a bad thing? I'm still waiting for the five-hour download of Portal to finish - I've never been really into gaming, will this get me into it?  Now look, I like a good computer game every now and then - The Force Unleashed was my favourite for a while, and I recently played Super Mario Galaxy which was trippy, but fun. But Portal is notoriously addictive, and the Steam platform offers games at low prices, and easily availability. I just don't want to end up like some addict like Exxtrooper... playing games which I [at the moment] consider pointless like COD...

I guess it's all a matter of time. Bear in mind I mean no offense to people who play computer games (I'm one of you, dangit), Exxtrooper or COD fans.

John out.



Matn said...

You could download Portal for free last week. ö
I recently downloaded Steam again, and I finally made a PayPal account. I bought Braid and it's awesome. I really recommend it!
I'm also not a big gamer, a bit more than a casual one. (PC a bit, and regularly the Wii)

Matn said...

Oh, yes. And the DS. ;o