Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Day 145, on which John finds memory alleyway was longer than he expected [25.5.10]

Dag hundrede femogfyrre. I've got two GCSE tests tomorrow so please excuse me for a short post. In fact, knowing me it'll probably turn out quite long since I always tend to compensate for saying "this will be a short post". So what's new? Well, the description of this blog was changed a bit. Facebook is promising new privacy controls. And I've come up with an idea for a modernism blog. It's looking quite good so far (ie. the graphics and notes in my Moleskine seem promising), but when I get to actually coding it there's going to be problems. Could well be part of the Æ Network.

By the way, Zack, I'm still brainstorming your idea for Brickspace. Columnists, collecting tweets on different topics, and at the heart of it all a central blog feed like Brickspace used to be. May need to merge with another blog to get enough bloggers to keep it going, though...

Pic unrelated. One of several new photos from me, now on JOHNSPACE Photos
OK, let's return to our look back into the old third-paragraph-challenges. For the 20 days after the how-will-I-have-changed thing, the topic was 'THINGS I HOPE TO HAVE ACHIEVED IN 24 HOURS TIME".
121 :: "Everyone has goals on a range of scales, and I think it would be fun to explore what I want to do in 24 hours, and whether I actually do it."
My reasoning behind possibly the most boring set of paragraphs I've ever written.
122 :: "I'd like to have continued with my website. I've been developing it slowly over the past 5 months or so, and I decided on a new design (which is based off this blog) a few weeks ago."
Still in the works. Worked out all the gallery pages, I just need to put together some text for the About page, and a picture too. Eeek, a picture.
124 :: "Hmm, I didn't develop my chair ideas like I said yesterday. I guess that just goes to show you can't force creativity, unless you've got a deadline to meet, in which case you squeeze out every last drop. "
So true. I can never do anything - well, any big things - unless I have a deadline and I'm doing it for someone else. Take JVK, for instance. Worked my butt off for TBB's April Fool's celebrations and wore myself out.
127 :: "Did I enjoy life today? Not particularly. Technology test, forgot maths homework, extremely over tired and drew up a chair design at lunch which I then noticed had been already made by someone else (must have seen the design before, then it subliminally inspired me)."
Still pissed off about that.
133 :: "To write my blog post at some time before 11:00. Because even I respect my sleeping patterns sometimes."
I even make myself laugh sometimes.
135 :: "Challenge, challenge, challenge. Life's a challenge. School's a challenge. Every day a struggle, a point to reach, to strive for, to hope for; the end of the day. A time when you can collapse into your bed and watch as the stresses of the day get sucked away into the comfy cushion and duvet. A time when the challenge is fulfilled, and though you always knew the end of the day was going to come around, you feel happy that what you've done in the day justifies your achievement of sleep."
I should write like this more often.
139 :: "Challenge tiemz! [...] So the challenge for tomorrow, last third-paragraph thing hopefully ever, is to pick my favourite bits from our third paragraphs."
And so, as my sister used to say, "and then it was now". Thanks for reading, folks. Let's get on with this blog and I wish you all a great evening and a merry Christmas.



Zack said...

Google to know you're still following with the idea. I'll send you an FM or e-mail later. (I just remembered it yesterday and lately I've been really considering it a little more)

John said...

Be sure to do that, Zack!

Maybe we could have a Skype call or chat?

Zack said...

Yeah. We'll have to set it up or something. I will have to or you will have to FM me. Anytime over the summer is good for me.