Monday, 24 May 2010

Day 144, on which John takes a walk down memory alleyway (it's shorter than a lane)[24.5.10]

Dag hundrede og fireogfyrre. And, in addition to an alleyway being shorter than a lane, it's also less impressive than a lane - as I think we'll find today's post is. Before we get to that, toda- sshh shh, I'm getting taken away by 'I Put a Spell On You'. Oooh... aaaah... mmmm... Nina Simone. Such a great song - feels like it means well, but it's got this unsettling, mischievous undertone to it. Ideal for a Lego project I've got in the works - that's right, a video. Not a Brickfilm, no, but a video nonetheless. Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, today was hot. Hmm, not particularly interesting. Let's move on!

A few days ago I said I'd look through the records of old 20-day challenges (mainly the third-paragrah ones) and pick out my favourite quotes. Ipso facto, an easy post for me to write. But it also gives me a chance to venture down memory alleyway (remember, it's not long enough for a lane). Let's get this show on the road!

The first third-paragraph-challenge was to describe a way I've changed since the day before.
102 :: "Well, I've decided that I am going to make a film [...] It's started quite well, but I've now decided that I am going to make this film, no matter what. And I'll show you it when we finally get it done. Promise."
Still working on that.
104:: "Today is a sad, sad day. No, really. If you hadn't already heard, yesterday evening (my time), TBB reported on the tragic death of Nate 'nnenn' Nielsen in a car accident. Apparently it happened about a month ago, but it's only now that Nate's family has let us know."
Doesn't need much explaining.
106 :: "I guess I'm annoyed. Annoyed because BIG's website won't work. Maybe it's my browser, or my internet, but I can't click on any of the logos. They used to open. It used to be an amazing site. Sob sob."
It still doesn't work. Just to fill you in on that vital info.
110 :: "I was always a bit divided about Helvetica: I thought it was just over-used and so forcefully made to be the 'perfect' font. Now, though, I'm not so sure. Everything typeset in it just seems so right. So here's my realisation: as caps lock is cruise control for cool, Helvetica is cruise control for AWESOME."
I still stand by that, though it seems a bit too utilitarian now. Seeing it used over and over again rubs off its gleam a bit.
112 ::  "I admit that I totally abuse the Shuffle feature on iTunes. You're meant to let it choose a song randomly [...] and sit back and listen. I don't work like that. Unfortunately I just keep pressing 'next track' until I get the song I want. Usually, the whole reason I put iTunes on Shuffle is to avoid listening to the same songs over and over. Shuffle just becomes a more annoying way of finding those songs. Hee hee."
Once a Shuffle-controller, always a Shuffle-controller. A great way to get Florence and her damn machine to shut the fuck up. What was I thinking when I bought those songs?
114 :: "Today, I learnt of the power of fibre-optic cables [...] Just now I had them on my desk, underneath my desk lamp, and THE ENDS STARTED GLOWING! Yah yah sure, it's not anything to get too excited about, but I didn't know they worked that way. I only bought then as transparent stands in vignettes. This is way cooler. Definitely worth 85p a piece."

OK, I'll leave the other third-paragraph-challenge for tomorrow. That'll give me something to talk about. I'll just leave you with a fact:

i see ur lies are showin

THIS IS NOT THE NEW iPHONE. No, really, it's a decoy from Apple. Honest. Bloody Gizmodo thinking they'd design something like that. Do Apple not have any stable design ethic?


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