Friday, 21 May 2010

Day 141, on which John casts his professionally critical eye over the new DeviantArt [21.5.10]

Dag hundrede og énogfyrre. OK, I've got another kinda interesting website-themed post for you today so let's get the other stuff out the way first. Today, I went on a fieldtrip. Whoop-de-doo. Because the one way I love to spend a friday which I could have been on study leave on is to walk around taking pedestrian counts. Funsies, as my friend would say. And sarcasm is very, very intended.

Deviant Art has been updated! Yay! I must admit DeviantArt had its flaws before it updated its UI to Version 7. I'm not entirely sure when they updated, but it was only today that I picked up on it. The old DeviantArt was a great place for showcasing your artwork, but in terms of UI it wasn't able to stand up to the sleekness of Flickr or Wordpress.

So here's the lowdown. The new DeviantArt takes online art galleries to the next level. Not much has changed to pages like the profile page or the account management pages like messages. One major change is the removal of all side padding so the galleries fill your browswer window to the full. And must I say, it is glorious. Large canvas means large sizes for viewing photos and stuff. And it's easier to browse too.

Time will tell whether the new DeviantArt will be good enough to manage stuff on, but on first impressions it's come out well. Good on you, DeviantArt! Check out the full details on an awesome DA page here.


ps. song of the day is Watermelon Man by Mongo Santamaria.


Zack said...

Most of the reviews I saw didn't really talk up dA like you did. Most journals I saw disliked it. I'm rather indifferent to it personally.

Matn said...
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Matn said...

Actually, I also like the newer Deviant Art. Everybody just has to get used to it. But I do seem to like Flickr more, it's just nicer (and not so busy looking).
Seems like every big website gets a new version this month. :p