Thursday, 20 May 2010

Day 140, on which John reviews the five best things to do on Formspring [20.5.10]

Dag hundrede og fyrre. You heard right, people, I've avoided another design rant today. We've got something far more interesting. So I've had to postpone the 'interesting' antithesis to my aesthetic flexibility rant. And besides, I red back over what I wrote yesterday and I sounded really... er... design-ish. Like those design students at university who talk about ethics and philosophy and shit like that. Which, though I am interested in, I will have to take a break from blogging for a while. Just for you, guys.

Not heard of Formspring yet? Well, here's the lowdown. It's a popular site that's gaining users by the dozen at a very fast rate - I know for sure its use has a'sploded in my Facebook world. The idea is that you open up your account and the necessity is that you must answer all questions people ask you. If you want to ask a question, you could ask it anonymously or as your Formspring address. So, without further ado, here's my top five best things for asking people on their Formspring:

5. Surveys. This may seem strange, but Formspring is much more reliable than Omegle in being a place to anonymously take surveys. Now I'm not saying they have to be professionial, they can just be a single question. Find as many Formspring accounts as possible and ask some people. Just to get the full picture in a heavily argued topic.

4. Be fucking crazy. Because hey, what have you got to lose? Consider it Omegle, but they're not as quick to reply. Randomness! Insanity! Whatever! Ask it to whoever you can. Even if it's not a question, it'll be fun to see their answer.
" You! How could it be you! YYYOOOUUU! "
" ......,......,.....!.....,...,,....,,,..opopopopopopopl "
" did someone say WOFLS!?!?! "
" *cue Elvis music* "
" So, I herd u liek mudkips... "

3. Link to a shocksite! For the less well informed, these are sites which have spam on them in the form of disgusting, objectionable or just plain sick pictures. Usually to do with sex etc. Just remember to disguise your URL and implant it in an appopriate context.
Some shocksites  (DO NOT EVER GO ONTO THEM):

2. Get info! What's better than having a way to ask an anonymous question to that girl you like, or to the friend who you've fallen out with? Since it's anonymous, and considering that they will reply honestly, it may well work. Just don't remember to ask "Do you fancy John Sørensen?", it may be a little too obvious as to who wrote it.

1. Rickroll. Formspring is a great place to Rickroll people! Just make up a message that sounds real and include a URL to any of the Rickroll sites. It's super-fun and super-easy. Just make sure you disguise the URL by redirecting through a tinyurl or a URL so they don't know what you're up to!
" LG are running a competition! You could win one of the new LG Visio phones in our lucky prize draw. You can sign up to win at "

There, how's that for a topic? Oh, and the next 20-day challenge is to do a topic a day on a website. That'll shut up my design mind for a while.


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