Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Day 139, on which John rambles on a bit more about customisation [18.5.10]

Dag hundrede og niogtredive. We'll get onto today's hot topic (sarcasm intended) later on, but for now we'll have a conversation free of the sticky grips of my design ethics. What was unique about today? Well, I had an idea for several things to do in today's post. I'm now on the lookout for big topics of the day to write about here. Today I had several topics in mind, but I forgot both of them. Or all three of them. I can't remember how many exactly. Jeez I need my Molekine, soon! Even Action Method Online seems dull without sketches in my Moleskine to type into the ideas section. D'aww.

Say hej to IVAR. Hej is Swedish for hello, and IVAR here is a classic Ikea chair. Sweet, ain't he? Yeah, OK, simplistic. Here's why he's joining us today. My school does several plays a year, so it needs to invest in furniture it can reuse. A lot.

IVAR costs a measly £14, and so far my school has used several IVAR chairs for five productions in a row. The simplicity and plain look of IVAR makes customisation not just easy but necessary. The plain wood simply begs for paint. So my school just repaints their IVARs over and over again. See: not function flexibility like the Panton chair (which could be a chair, or anything else), but form flexibility! It's still a chair, but it's any colour of chair you want! IVAR, you clever bugger!

OK, I think I have the aesthetic flexibility design ethic sorted out now. Tomorrow, unless I've found a better topic, I've got an interesting mutation of Ikea furniture to show you. No, really, it is interesting. Honest.

Challenge tiemz! I think I've decided what the third paragraph thing will be next time: there won't be one! Continuing with this one-topic-per-post thing, third paragraphs in the JOHNSPACE sense are kinda redundant. So the challenge for tomorrow, last third-paragraph thing hopefully ever, is to pick my favourite bits from our third paragraphs. Don't worry, the 20-day challenges will still exist! They'll just apply to the post topic instead. Yah.


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