Friday, 14 May 2010

Day 134, on which John (much to the despair of the blog's viewers) watches a programme about design [14.5.10]

Dag hundrede og fireogtredive. Sorry guys. So sorry. I'm back into design. Well, I was never gone, but now I'm going to blag about it. So I guess we'd better get all the other stuff over and done with until I get to the design. I'm also back on the Action Method Online, which is a really useful site. I've got a bunch more furniture designs to get started on (was working out the measurements of one today in school). Oh shit, I've just talked about design when I said I wouldn't yet. Ah well.

Welcome to the Double House in Stuttgart, designed by Le Corbusier. As I found out whilst watching the BBC programme The Genius of Design, this house is part of an estate in Stuttgart that launched the modernist movement back in the 1920s. Le Corbusier's design still stands, 80 years later, and still looks super-modern. It has an ingenious flexible interior space, which we'll look at tomorrow... (oh the suspense!)

I think today I may get to bed earlier than other days this week, so that's yesterday's challenge over and achieved with. Today's? To revise. I've said that before, but this time I actually do need to revise. Silly John, should have done it earlier, tsk tsk.


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