Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Day 132, on which John writes his blog post very quickly [12.5.10]

Dag hundrede og toogtredive. Yeah sorry guys, I have to make this post very short as I'm not really meant to be blogging today at all; I've been really busy. Oh, and the long-awaited screening went really well, fetching a crowd of over 60 students and teachers over the course of one lunch break!

Today's picture, found on the Today and Tomorrow blog, is part of a series called 'Things that are difficult to scan'. Your eyes do not deceive you, the fellow has indeed scanned an egg. Must have been messy, but the overall product is very interesting. Reminds me of a time someone asked on Yahoo Answers: "how do you get a mirror as your desktop wallpaper? I tried scanning in a mirror and it doesn't work"!

I think I achieved yesterday's challenge; though I did make a few silly jokes I glazed over them well. Challenge for tomorrow is to look up the Philadelphia Experiment, a maybe-myth maybe-real story about the US army apparently 'bending time' as part of hiding a battleship in WW2...


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