Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Day 131, on which John edits more video but somehow isn't as stressed [11.5.10]

Dag hundrede og énogtredive. That's right folks, I finished editing the video for my friends who go to my film club. The other guy who was trying to edit a film has succeeded, so I was spared from spending more time on his video. But hey, it's all over now. Weeks of preparation for 40 minutes' worth of film screening. Wish me luck.

OK, now this video may be unsuitable for younger peoples and/or people who are a bit sensitive to seeing people in distress etc etc etc. It's being passed round teh interwebz at the moment, fetching over 900,000 views on YouTube and counting. It's footage from a SWAT raid of a family's house in Missouri. Apparently the father was found to have 'some traces of marijuana', and the couple's children were taken away from them to protect them. Apart from the fact that this is a gross waste of time, money and a SWAT team, in my opinion, they had absolutely no right to shoot the dog. Then again, they wouldn't have had to shoot the dog if they weren't there in the first place. What gave them the idea the couple had excessive amounts of illegal drugs anyway?

Challenge from yesterday: fulfilled! All the films are edited and ready to got for tomorrow. Challenge for tomorrow: speak up, look up and don't make stupid jokes whilst introducing the films in the big screening. Shouldn't be too hard, heh heh...

On a side note, these challenge paragraphs are getting increasingly 'boringer'. Only 9 days to go, then I'll have a new 3rd paragraph.


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Matn said...

I saw the video yesterday via your Twitter. I hate them. It's, like, always the dog. :l