Sunday, 9 May 2010

Day 129, on which John has a fun day out with John Junior [9.5.10]

Dag hundrede og niogtyve. Thassright, today I went out with John Junior. No no, that's not my son - though I do have an adopted son who is a kitchen utensil (long story), John Junior is in fact a camera. He's my old Canon A-1 film camera. Since everyone on Flickr names their cameras, I figured I'd join the trend and John Junior was named.

I haven't posted a video here for a while, but I couldn't resist when I found a hilarious YouTube channel called BriTANicK. It's full of short comedy sketches from these two guys called Brian and Nick. This one, called The 9 Ways to Treat a Woman, is a bit adult and a bit rude so don't go watching it out loud and/or in front of small children. Enough "make me a sammich", the catchphrase is now "make me some lasagna"!

OK, let's quickly do the challenge thing. I'm very busy this evening. Did I revise? Uh... not really. My school's Film Club (which I run) is having a screening of the films we've made this Wednesday. I'm panicking, because I'm trying to get the head to attend, and it's hard to get hold of him. I also need to sort of the movie files for the screening, certificates to award to the films, invites to teachers and students, yada yada yada. So my challenge for tomorrow is to try to get most of it sorted out!


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