Thursday, 6 May 2010

Day 126 (06.05.10)

Dag hundrede og seks. I'm still pondering post names. Maybe they should all be in the same format, like "Day #, in which John...". So, yesterday would be "Day 125, in which John blags about interior design". If you have any ideas for a format, please comment! But what should I do about the date and day number? I need to keep them both in the title so people can easily look up posts. Perhaps have the day number in [ and ]? [126]? And shorten the date to 6.5? People should know it's 2010...

Another screenshot. Let me introduce you guys to my new best friend: the Behance Action Method. It's a very useful online application for managing resources, ideas and creative to-dos. I've only started with it today. I must say, it's like a friend I never had. It's intuitive and knows exactly how I've wanted to manage my projects. There's 'Actions' with durations and due dates, 'References' with links to files and URLs for sketches and inspiration and 'Backburners' for jotting down all those ideas that I've had, but need to wait until later. I'm only on a trial account, and whilst I don't have the money to spare to pay for a full account, I will definitely carry on with my projects on AMO for the time being.

Oh, quick update on projects: 'Anders' is a possible chair design, not the multi-functional one but the one I started talking about after that. 'Hans' is an even more distant chair design, still in concept stages. The 'Sidemark' is a print design I'm working on; much easier to test and get feedback on than chairs!

So I didn't fail my challenge from yesterday; I've been brainstorming and doodling designs for Anders this evening. OK, my challenge for tomorrow: enjoy. Enjoy what? Life. Yeah, with tests and all it's been tough this week (OK not today admittedly), but I think Fridays should be enjoyed. So stop worrying your silly head off, John, enjoy. As Bobby McFerrin would say; "Don't worry, be happy!"


ps. I've named my film camera (an old Canon A-1) 'John Junior'. Sure, it's actually older than I am (made in the 80s or something), but he's Junior to me. And besides, everyone has names for their cameras.

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