Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Day 125 (05.05.10)

Dag hundrede og femogtyve. I'm seriously considering a format change for this blog. I'd still keep the three paragraph thing, and the picture, but each post would have to be about only one thing. That way I can give each post an appropriate title, and release it on Digg (more on that later). It may gather more viewers as it would give them an opportunity to read about a solid topic, not a bit o' this and a bit o' that. Either way, I need more hits.

Now hey, what's this? Design? Kinda: interior design. It's the main room in the PLATOON Kunsthalle which is somewhere in Germany. The Kunsthalle is a nightclub, though you'd never know it from this picture. That's right, German people walk in and do German dancing to German music. But hey, it's not as bad as it sounds; the building is made from several shipping containers stacked on top of each other and hollowed out. It's got a great mood to it; gritty, metallic, rough with a military edge.

It's a really great idea, but here's my opinion: make those chairs/tables/things move. That's all there is to it. The first of many John design ethics: "INTERIOR SPACE MUST BE FLEXIBLE". By which I mean, users should move stuff round. Who cares if they dent the furniture? Design it differently so they don't dent. Design it with wheels. Users can communicate and interact much more with an interior space if they can change it. Then they can build up a relationship with it, and will enjoy being in it much more. And besides, not everyone will like a furniture layout you make. Let them be the designer; they can move chairs around and tables around to create their own spaces for them and their friends.

Stay tuned for more John design ethics - my achievement for tomorrow is to think more about the flexible space ethic, develop it, and maybe make a diagram to demonstrate. What about yesterday's achievement? Well, I did experiment more with Digg. My profile's here, go check it out every now and then. The verdict: as yet undecided. More use needed, more time. Then I'll tell you what I think of Digg.


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