Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Day 124 (04.05.10)

Dag hundrede og fireogtyve. Hey guys, let's make lightsaber sounds! Zeeeooong! Zeeeoong! I am your father, Luke! If you're sitting there reading that and thinking "OK, John has finally lost it.", then don't fret, I'm not insane quite yet. It's May the 4th, so that means it's Luke Skywalker's birthday! May the Force/Fourth, geddit? Ah, don't worry. I'm over Star Wars anyways.

You've seen this before. Well, maybe not this exact screenshot, but I've talked about JOHNSPACE Photos before. I just wanted to advertise it a bit more 'cause there's new pictures on it. For those of you who don't remember it, JOHNSPACE Photos is an experimental blog of mine, which focuses on full-screen photo viewing to get the most out of a photo. Kinda like the OnBlack Flickr service, but really on black, none of that black-but-with-dark-grey-text crap. So linky linky link, test out the blog, gimme feedback!

Hmm, I didn't develop my chair ideas like I said yesterday. I guess that just goes to show you can't force creativity, unless you've got a deadline to meet, in which case you squeeze out every last drop. So what's my achievement for this time tomorrow? To add a link to Digg. I signed up for Digg today, and I haven't yet seen the point of it, so maybe when I actually use it, it may prove interesting...


ps. JOHNSPACE, now with Share links in the post footer! Please please please tweet/share on Facebook/Digg/whatever any of these posts!

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